Savage Surrender by Ellis Leigh

June 6, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Savage Surrender by Ellis Leighfour-stars
Savage Surrender by Ellis Leigh
Series: The Devil's Dires #1
Also in this series: Savage Sanctuary
Published by Kinship Press on May 10th 2016
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 150
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There’s no escaping a Dire Wolf on the hunt…
Feared by even his own kind, Bez of the Dire Wolf shifters knows exactly how to succeed in any battle. Even if that means racking up collateral damage along the way. A simple mission into the swamplands to save a teenage wolf shifter should have been an easy track and retrieval for a man with his training, but nothing comes easy when the fates get involved.
In one night, Omega Sariel went from a free, single shewolf to a captive with a teenage girl to watch over and a couple of guards intent on making her life miserable…what little is left of it. Then a soldier with ice in his eyes walks in, and the mating call begins. He’s too tough, too harsh, too murderous…but when your life hangs in the balance, a lethal fighter in your corner is better than battling alone. Especially one who isn’t afraid to get a little dirty with her.
Two kidnapped women, one dangerous soldier unknowingly about to come face-to-face with fate, and a monster set on destroying everything in its path. In the world of the Dire Wolves, a retrieval is a simple mission for the unit of soldiers that make up their pack. But this time, a single glance blows simple right out of the swamp and forces Bez to make his stand alone.
One soldier, one fight…one chance at forever.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceWith lots of suspense, a sexy alpha male, and a heroine I could get behind I enjoyed reading Savage Surrender even if it did suffer from a slight case of first-book-in-series-itis. I had not realized this series is a spin-off of not only the Feral Breed MC series but also The Gathering Series. I still immensely enjoyed the book but did feel like I was missing out on some backstory.

There was a lot of world building and set up involved in this book. I understood the need for it, but it was a bit frustrating when I was 30% in and the MCs had still not even met each other.

The Dire Wolves intrigue the hell out of me. They are the supreme shifter, the most powerful out there and supposedly extinct. They work for the president of the shifter nation, but since they are stronger than him, it’s more out of respect than because he is their boss. Someone is kidnapping female omega wolves and they have no idea who or why. When an entire pack is wiped out and a young teenaged omega kidnapped, Blaze, the President, sends Bez, a dire wolf, to track her down and bring her to him.

I loved Bez. A killing machine, he brought new meaning to the description “the strong silent type”. He was also completely at a loss as to how to deal with the surprise appearance of his mate when he found the missing Omega. Unused to even being touched, he was clueless about women, much less figuring out how to interact with one. To say he kept screwing up would be quite the understatement.

Sariel won me over from the very start. Having been imprisoned by the rogue shifters for several weeks, she hadn’t given up, but she wasn’t being stupid either. Her matter of fact attitude and calm demeanor were refreshing after all the books I’ve read where the heroine finds herself in a bad situation and thinks this is the time to be loud, stubborn, and demanding. Sariel knew that it’s all about getting free and if that means you keep your head low and your mouth shut until you can figure a way out, then that’s what you do.

I do wish we had been given some backstory on Sariel. We are told very little about who she was before she was taken. Nothing about her pack except they were mostly older, and I got the impression she felt a bit stifled but it wasn’t really elaborated on or discussed. There also was no resolution to the problem she had that caused the bad guys to call her a “dud” and declare her basically werewolf food. The thought of that not being resolved was heartbreaking to me and I hope it is addressed in later books.

Although we get to meet a lot of Bez’s team and got little snapshots of the different personalities, this book was mainly Bez’s show. He is tasked with tracking, finding, and rescuing the Omega teenager by himself. Most of the book is spent with just him, Sariel, and Angelita as we go through the ordeal the girls are suffering as Bez tracks them, and then the great escape and showdown. Even so, I look forward to the other Dire Wolves stories. There seemed to be some big personalities there with lots of potential for good stories.

What I Struggled With:

  1. Not knowing the story of Blaze and his mates
  2. The lackluster smexy times (although they were in danger the entire time so I understood it)
  3. The slow start and amount of time the MC’s spent apart
  4. Lack of backstory for Sariel
  5. Sariel’s Dud Status

What I Loved:

  1. Bez’s care of Sariel and Angelita even though he’s the ultimate killing machine
  2. Sariel and her strength of character
  3. The Dire Wolves
  4. The edge of your seat suspense the story created
  5. The family that Angelita gained in the end

Spice’s Rating: 4 I Want A Dire Wolf Stars




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