Beast by A.J. Adams

May 20, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Beast by A.J. Adamsthree-half-stars
Beast by A.J. Adams
Published by Self-published on April 3, 2016
Genres: Fantasy, Erotica
Pages: 137
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Falsely accused, Wynne is determined to clear her name. However, a trip to petition the Steward at Brighthelme turns disastrous when the Beasts, fearsome warriors from the frozen north, raze the city. When Wynne is carried away, she’s determined to regain her freedom but Rune, her captor, has other ideas.

Beast is set in Prydain, an imaginary place that combines Anglo-Saxon England with Medieval England, the Teutonic Kingdom and the Viking Age. This story contains kidnapping, dubious consent and graphic violence, however, it is a love story rather than a dark romance. It is a standalone novel; no cliff-hangers.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceWow! This was an interesting book but I can’t say it was fun to read since parts of it make the beginning of Kristen Ashley’s Golden Dynasty look like a fluffy sweet fairytale. Dubious consent my ass, there is out and out rape going on and lots of it so be warned. What made me keep reading was that this book was set in a medieval type world with barbarian/Viking type men called Beasts wandering around. Although nothing can make rape right, it fits the setting, but I wish the author had called it what it was.

The town of Brighthelme found out the hard way what happens when you betray barbarians.  A group of “Beasts” struck back by burning the town down, killing most the men and taking the women. It was harsh and brutal and hard to read. By the end of the book I had softened towards their leader, Rune, but I still wasn’t won over.

Wynne seemed to have the worst of luck. The women of this world were basically all slaves, citizens or not. Born a slave after her citizen mother was captured, she finally made it back to her mother’s family only to be betrayed by them. She goes to Brighthelme to clear her name and is kidnapped by the beasts. She was strong, intelligent, and never gave up even when the odds were against her. I liked her, but her one track mind set on clearing her name got on my last nerve. It was a seriously miserable existence she was living before being kidnapped, so I thought she needed to spend a lot more time focusing on her present instead of her seriously whacked need to clear her name so she could go back to her really crappy relatives.

With their boat burned Rune has to get his men and their captives across the continent, making sure everyone is fed and stays alive. I ended up liking him. He was unbelievably smart and resourceful and he seemed to have some honor. He saw Wynne as a strong, brave, compassionate leader among the women even if those same women reviled her and believed the accusations against her.

Again, this was a brutal book but a page turner. There were undercurrents throughout that needed to be paid attention to. The ending felt unbelievably rushed which really sucked. All of a sudden everything was wrapped up in a tidy little bow. This did not work for me and I ended up feeling a cheated. Again, when I finished I wasn’t sure I liked the book but it definitely kept my attention.

Spice’s Rating: 3.5 Decent but Not For The Faint Of Heart Stars.

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