Vengeance by Harley McRide and Carson Mackenzie

May 8, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★

Vengeance by Harley McRide and Carson Mackenziethree-stars
Vengeance by Harley McRide, Carson Mackenzie
Series: KO Ink #1
Published by JK Publishing on December 13, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 212
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In book one of KO Ink: Fin O’Malley wanted to give back to the community he grew up in. The one that helped him make it out of the borough and into a MMA championship. To make it work and accomplish his goal, he knew he would need his brothers and best friend to help him.

Tony Roark’s security business was successful, so it couldn’t have shocked anyone else more than him when he followed his best friend home. Fin and he, along with the other five O’Malley brothers, find themselves pillars in a neighborhood they fought so hard to escape.

Brooklyn Macaroy’s life was on track, she had a job she loved, an apartment in the city, and family close. She never expected to have more. The day she pulled up to an incident with the ability to take part of that away from her, was also the day that would give her so much more—a young girl’s infatuation, a teenager’s crush, and a grown woman’s everything.

Enjoy the O’Malley brothers, their friends, and family as they prove you can take the boy from the neighborhood but the neighborhood and the bonds forged in youth, are always there.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI have liked books that Harley McRide and Carson Mackenzie wrote individually, so I grabbed this one when I recognized the characters that were in another series I’ve read. It ended up being an okay read, but it didn’t wow me.

I loved the set up of the book. After doing well for themselves, the O’Malley brothers and Tony Roark (a good friend), decide to move back to their old Bronx neighborhood to clean it up. Things went off the rails a bit when it talked about the special ink that could be used to track bad guys that they were using in their tattoo guns, (I mean come on, they would put you under the jail for that if it was found out!) but I decided to put my blinders on and go with it.

I did like most of the characters, all very sweet and really, really nice but I just couldn’t get past how most of them seemed a bit dimwitted. Brooklyn was a textbook example of TSTL and she was so freaking naive and clueless I just wanted to shake her at times. She also very rarely showed she had a backbone, and when she did it was over something dumb. Tony and Fin were almost as bad. Sometimes it felt like I’d been dropped into a Keystone Cop show.

This is a ménage book so there were definitely a few steamy scenes. Brooklyn was so clueless as to what Fin and Tony wanted from her I found myself having a hard time believing in the relationship once it got going.

What saved the book was the meddling mothers (they were hilarious) and the fact that I loved the idea of the characters and what they were trying to do. I also loved seeing the Ops Warriors when they made an appearance. I’m going to hope that this book suffered from a serious case of first-in-series-itis resulting in a just okay book and go ahead and read the next one.

Spice’s Rating: 3 Super Sweet and Very Nice Stars


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