Monster by Jessica Gadziala

April 27, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★

Monster by Jessica Gadzialathree-stars
Monster by Jessica Gadziala
Series: Savages #1
Published by Self-published on December 3, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 303
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Alex has had one mission since she was sixteen: destroy the man who destroyed her life. And all was going to plan until one night, a huge mammoth of a man breaks into her apartment and kidnaps her,holding her hostage for the very man she was bent on bringing down.
Breaker has one rule: he doesn't deal in women. But when he's conned into a job for the city's most ruthlesscrime lord, he finds himself in charge of a fiery-temperedhacker who he can't seem to keep his hands off of.
When passions ignite and feelings emerge, will Breaker beable to reconcile his loyalties before it is too late or will their shaky foundation of trust start crumbling beneaththeir feet?
This is a stand alone with a HEA.
* This book may not be "Safety Gang" safe. There is no cheating/ abuse/ triangle triggers, but there is a "bad guy" who is a known rapist (though the rape is not expressly detailed and does NOT happen to the h).

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI’m torn about this book and I was not expecting to be. I loved Reign, the first Jessica Gadziala book I read. I heard you needed to read this one before reading the next Henchmen book because there was some tie-in, but since Reign was so freaking OTT whacked out crazy in a good way, I didn’t consider this a hardship. Monster was just barely okay for me. I am definitely intrigued by Shooter and Paine, who we are introduced to, but the main characters, while okay, kind of pissed me off. From here on out, beware because this review is spoilery as I try to explain my issues.

Breaker, the monster of the title, is not a good guy. He does bad things like mess people up or even kill them for a living. He does have somewhat of a moral compass since he won’t touch women or children.  Unfortunately, a local crime boss named Lex forces him into a situation where he has to break his rules.

Alex has one goal in life, to bring Lex down since he was instrumental in her mother’s death when she was 16. A hacker, she has spent the last 10 years watching Lex and taking notes. So focused on Lex, she has no friends really and lives a hand to mouth lifestyle putting every dime she makes hacking into her quest. Her life was so very bleak, it made me sad.

What made me sadder was the fact that finding herself kidnapped and being held until Lex could get to her, she just gave up. It was beyond incomprehensible to me. She was just going to let herself be led like a lamb to slaughter without even a whimper of protest. NOT my kind of heroine.

As for Breaker, he was even worse. He’s supposed to be some badass who is super good at his job. When Lex makes him break all his rules and kidnap a girl, what does he do? Not a damn thing. Nothing. Seriously, he needed to go straight back to badass school and retake some classes…. or just hand in his man card. They did have a hell of a lot of sex…. 

Obviously, things eventually happened, but in no way did they happen in the way I thought they would, or should have. It ended up being a really odd book for me.  My first thought was to give this 2 stars, but I did like a few things about the book, mainly Shooter and Paine. I didn’t hate Breaker and Alex, I just thought they were kind of sheep-like in their actions. I also know without a doubt I will read the next in the series, and I will continue on in the Henchmen series. For this reason, I think I have to give it a 2.5 rounded up to 3 star rating.

Spice’s Rating: 3 Kind of Disappointed But I’m Still Reading the Next One Stars


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