Rest & Trust by Susan Fanetti

March 30, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Rest & Trust by Susan Fanettifour-stars
Rest & Trust by Susan Fanetti
on September 12th 2015
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 401
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Sherlock is the Intelligence Officer of the Night Horde SoCal. It’s his job to find and control information, to keep boundaries around what is known by whom. He’s managed himself the same way, always keeping his club life and his personal life in separate boxes, not wanting to share either with the other. Lately, though, as his brothers settle down, one by one, and become family men, he’s been sensing an empty space between his boxes. He needs someone to need him. For himself, not for his skill.
Sadie is rebuilding her life after it fell apart publicly and exposed years-old secrets. She is learning to trust herself and everybody else, learning how to live in the world without the buffers she’d needed for so long. It’s a struggle every day, but she’s trying to master her needs one at a time.
They meet when Sadie needs rescue. When she literally runs to Sherlock for it, he helps the strange, frantic girl without a second thought. In the way of rescuers, Sherlock feels responsible for her. And for him, that feeling holds a potent allure.
It’s not so easy between them: Sadie is afraid to need, ashamed to be needy, worried what it could mean if she were to trust someone enough to let her guard down.
But Sherlock is determined and patient. He’s one of the good guys, and he’s found someone who understands him and who needs to take what he needs to give. He’s not going to let her go.
Note: explicit sex and violence.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By LilyLoved it!

This is a fine example of the need to be in the right head space, to read the right book, at the right time. When I first decided to read Rest & Trust, I realised after a couple of chapters a biker based genre wasn’t what I was in the mood for. I jotted down notes and moved on to another book. But Sadie and Sherlock haunted me…so as soon as it was time to reach for another book again, this was my first choice. My timing was perfect because on my second attempt it became a page turner.

Sadie’s capability to manage her struggles was inspirational. A newly reformed drug addict, her methods of keeping her demons at bay initially came across as swapping one vice for another. The tactics she engaged were little better than what she was trying desperately not to succumb to. Some days it was a moment by moment battle to stay clean. Her ability to function on such a high level was amazing. Continuously counting her consecutive drug-free days, she reached a 365-day milestone which heralded her determination and achievement far more than referring to it with the singular term of one year.

Sadie lands in Sherlock’s life when she is trying to escape from the same place at the same time he is. There’s something about the girl that catches his eye. It takes Sadie a bit longer to get on the same page as him, but then her reasons for moving quickly are very different to his. They are opposites in many respects but it is their similarities that underpin their relationship working as well as it did once they connect. They are an odd couple, she’s meticulously clean and tidy whereas he only tends to domestic chores when it becomes an issue for him…which is not often. Thankfully this comes as a shock to Sadie with his charm and good looks luring her into thinking he could be a good distraction.

My first impression was that this would be a story filled with moments that could have been avoided and the basis for a lot of frustration. It was the complete opposite. Rather than detracting from the story, Sadie’s determination and momentary lapses in coping added layers that enhanced the story. Sadie became a healthy contrast to Sherlock’s challenges and he was a better man for having her in his life.

The underpinning story of the Night Horde SoCal MC continues in Rest & Trust and provides relevant club and brotherhood times to compliment the romance between Sadie and Sherlock. Sadie has some kickass moments where she puts some well deserving people in their place when they try to bring her down. This is another good installment in the Night Horde SoCal series and with only one more book to go in this series it will be time to check out which other of Ms. Fanetti series I will read next.

What I struggled with:

  • The unknown source of the trouble in the MC
  • Tributes and customs (moving and sad at the same time)
  • Her father’s inability to man up and be the man he should have been
  • The innocent victims in relationships
  • Users without a conscious
  • His family

What I loved:

  • The epilogue!!
  • Sadie’s confidence
  • Gordon – the best pseudo father she could hope for
  • Sherlock’s love of being gifted trust
  • The light-hearted moments
  • Sisterhood and the support they selflessly gave

Lily’s Rating: 4 stars

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