Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder

March 23, 2016 Book Review, Quickie 0 ★★★

Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroederthree-stars
Snowbound Seduction by Melissa Schroeder
Published by Entangled Publishing on March 21, 2016
Pages: 90
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Trevor MacMillian is the tart and incredibly sexy executive chef who's made pastry chef Elaine Masterson's life a living hell. But when she catches him in nothing but a tiny little towel, it's almost enough to make her forget they're stranded in a luxurious mountain cabin together...or that she hates him almost as much as she craves him like a sinfully forbidden dessert. Being alone in a romantic secluded cabin might just kill Trevor outright. If Elaine hates him now, how much will she hate him if she finds out he's been fantastizing about her full, kissable lips? So Trevor argues with her. Makes her angry-until an intense and unexpected kiss turns their hostility into insatiable hunger. And with this much heat, the snowstorm outside doesn't stand a chance... This blizzard is blazing hot...

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


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By SparklesSnowbound Seduction was a quick sexy read. Trevor and Elaine co-own a restaurant with a third partner, Mick, who’s the one that introduced them and convinced them to work together in this business venture. Unfortunately for Mick, Trev and Lainey don’t seem to be able to get along, and they spend their days in the kitchen bickering and generally annoying the crap out of each other.

Trev has never felt so attracted to a woman before. He is known for his very public, very short affairs with models, actresses and the like so he is completely out of his depth when it comes to sweet Lainey. Besides, they work together and he doesn’t believe in mixing those two together.

Elaine had a rough start to life, and doesn’t trust or feel comfortable with most people. She can’t deny that in spite of everything he does she still finds Trevor impossibly attractive but knows that he is completely out of her league.

Well, Mick knowing them both very well, got sick of them not getting along and tricks them into spending a weekend in a cabin in the middle of nowhere-snow-land. He didn’t count on them getting snowed in though. Will Trev and Lainey take this chance to finally go for what they secretly want or will they continue to deny the chemistry they have together for the sake of their jobs? Both of them will have to sort through some issues but a cozy fireplace and delicious food and baked goods would put anyone in a great mood, even apparent arch-enemies.

Fill with sensuous kisses, languid love making and heart and flowers declarations this was one very nice afternoon delight even if I didn’t get overly invested in either character.

Sparkles’ Rating: 3 Sexy Quickie Stars

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