Unexpectedly Yours by Coleen Kwan

March 20, 2016 Book Review, WTF Did I Just Read 0 ★★

Unexpectedly Yours by Coleen Kwantwo-stars
Unexpectedly Yours by Coleen Kwan
on March 14th 2016
Pages: 225
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He wasn’t what she was expecting...
Derek Carmichael has harbored a secret crush on his best friend’s older sister for years, but she’s always been out of his reach. Now that Hannah is back in their hometown and newly single, suddenly the five-year age gap doesn’t seem so huge. But convincing her to see him as more than just the kid she used to know is another story.
Hannah Willmett can’t believe how grown-up Derek Carmichael has become. The troubled kid from her youth has turned into a sexy, successful TV celebrity, but Hannah’s wary of his player past and the rampant rumors connecting him to beautiful socialites. Still, she can’t help but give in when their attraction reaches a boiling point.
Trying to keep their fling a secret from her overprotective brother is one thing, but when Hannah finds herself unexpectedly expecting, her life is thrown upside down. She and Derek may be becoming parents together, but that’s no basis for a happily-ever-after.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By SparklesWARNING: This may be snarkier than usual. But I was really hyped when I picked this book up and then it made me so mad, that this is going to be one of those ranty, spoilery reviews so be warned before reading.

Wow, this book crashed down so hard on my expections I don’t know where to begin.

I loved the premise of Unexpectedly Yours, I mean, what’s not to like? A sweet guy who had crushed on his best friend’s older sister for years sees the chance to finally act on those feelings, and said older sister returns his interest, and then some. They get themselves permanently entangled after they find out they’re about to become parents in 8+ months… but is that enough for them to be a family?

Yes, that all sounds lovely and it was the selling point for me. But then, the actual story happened and BOOM, Baby! It fell completely apart.

I’ve enjoyed work from this author before, and even if she writes fade-to-black/morning-after type of romances, the story usually makes up for the lack of sexy shenanigans.

Welp, in Unexpectedly Yours we have a bitter almost 30 year old woman who acts like a 15 year old… Girl, at some point you stop accepting your father calling you young lady and sending you to your room, especially if it’s because you had sex. I mean… I still have no words.

Derek was a great guy, he was a bit out of touch with his feelings, a little bit in denial about where he wanted to go with his affair with Hannah, but really, after a while he got on track and I think he was one of the best surprise-baby’s daddy I’ve read about.

But every member of Hannah’s family made me want to drop kick them into next year. Hannah herself was waaaaaaaay prejudiced against Derek because he was known to be a player, so sue him! He is a freaking single hot guy with a famous tv series about his carpentry work: obviously he is going to get laid! This is Hannah’s first strike against him, he is a player… just like her cheating ex-husband. Well, no actually, him being a player mostly means he never stays with one woman long enough to be able to cheat on her, and besides, we only know about 1 woman he was involved with in the whole book, so just because everyone kept saying “he is a player” didn’t make it true for me.

Then Hannah’s father and step-mother treat her like a naughty 13 year old who got pregnant for being a slut… that was just, I’m still not sure why these characters were even in the book? Their presence and actions were just that absurd and baffling. Hannah’s brother? I can understand a little bit his feeling like he had failed his sister when he let her marry a douche he knew was a douche, but his reactions? Can anyone say OTT and NOT in the good way?

Anyways, I read the whole thing hoping that at some point it would redeem itself… but that never happened. It just ended in an HEA that, frankly? I did not buy.

And this I need to get out of my chest but it might give away too much so I’m spoiler-tagging it

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So let’s just say this one did not work for me. This doesn’t mean other people won’t find it enjoyable… but if they do… let’s just leave it at that xD


Sparkles’ Rating: 2 I’m-still-pulling-my-hair-out Stars.

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