A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders

January 25, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Andersfour-stars
A Ruthless Proposition by Natasha Anders
Published by Montlake Romance on January 26th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 310
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All that glitters may lead right to his heart…

The last thing Cleopatra Knight expects on her business trip to Tokyo is to fall into bed with her arrogant, irresistibly hot boss, Dante Damaso. It’s a mistake—a steamy, mind-blowingly satisfying mistake. But a few nights of passion with the superwealthy bad boy prove to have long-term effects when Cleo’s world is unexpectedly turned upside down.

Dante has cultivated an enviable, jet-setting lifestyle: beautiful women, exotic destinations, and luxury without limits. He’s not looking to be domesticated, and certainly not by his assistant—even though he can’t get her out of his mind. Still, he knows he has both the responsibility and the financial means to help Cleo.

Though Cleo has no interest in Dante’s money, her lack of prospects gives her little choice but to accept his help. But living under the same roof, Dante discovers he wants more, and if Cleo lets down her guard, she just might find what her heart’s wanted all along.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By LilyDante has to be one of the most arrogant bosses out there, he can’t even get Chloe’s name right and she is his best mate’s sister! Chloe, unlike his other staff, manages to distract him from running his business to a point where it becomes awkward. His indifference and lack of self-control turn a business trip into a hot, impersonal sexcapade that leads to an awkward morning-after when they return to the office after their business trip.  Chloe had gone out of her way to impress Dante to show him she was a capable employee she was. She impressed him alright, but not in the way she intended to. To complicate matters even further, Dante is a good friend of Chloe’s brother so of course this places Chloe in the no-go zone even before you go anywhere near him being her employer.

“…trust me, one night was enough to last a lifetime. It was great, but I’m not looking for an encore.”

After not remembering her name and several other major faux-pas, Dante has sunk deep into Chloe’s disdain and she has no desire to rekindle their flame. Even when recalling that the chemistry they had been smoking hot, it was not enough to have her forget the way he ticked her off big time with his attitude. It could have remained a good memory until he crossed the line and insulted her with his proposal, an ill-timed proposal, but he put it to her in a way she couldn’t refuse. Little was he to know he would be offered a dose of his own medicine in the form of a counter proposal not too far into the future.

At this point the book thankfully began to turn around for me; I was not in the mood for reading about a self-centered businessman who incorporated his sex life into a business arrangement as well. Thankfully I hung in there because it became a beautiful story of what’s important and how to embrace it. After Dante and Chloe had spent years living defensively they slowly began to recognise the potential joy to behold and allow for time to erase the past.

I went from detesting Dante to adoring him. Once the story picked up, I began singing its praises. Their journey from indiscretion to considerate was not without hardship and a lot of compromise from Dante, Chloe as well as their family and friends. A wonderful book that ended up being a sweet emotional story which may have a trigger in it for some readers View Spoiler » but it was handled as delicately as possible.

Lily’s Rating: 4 Stars

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