Love in the Light by Laura Kaye

January 19, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★

Love in the Light by Laura Kayethree-stars
Love in the Light by Laura Kaye
Series: Hearts in Darkness #2
Also in this series: Hearts in Darkness (Hearts in Darkness, #1)
Published by Self-published on January 12, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 193
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Two hearts in the darkness…

Makenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the day they were trapped in a pitch-black elevator and found acceptance and love in the arms of a stranger. Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever—which can’t happen until she introduces her tattooed, pierced, and scarred boyfriend to her father and three over-protective brothers.

Must fight for love in the light…

Haunted by a childhood tragedy and the loss of his family, Caden never thought he’d find the love he shares with Makenna. But the deeper he falls, the more he fears the devastation sure to come if he ever lost her, too. When meeting her family doesn’t go smoothly, Caden questions whether Makenna deserves someone better, stronger, and just more…normal. Maybe they’re too different—and he’s far too damaged—after all…

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Review Header By Lily


I went into this book with high expectations and indulged in a refresher read of Hearts in the Darkness in preparation for Love in the Light and loved it every much as the first time. Ready to continue with the Makenna and Caden’s story, I eagerly got stuck into Love in the Light. What I encountered were two different reading experiences. While I enjoyed catching up with Makenna, Caden frustrated me with his constant self-doubting and struggles. I’m not familiar with the issues Caden faced and whether what he went through was an accurate reflection of a person going through what he did but it became repetitive to the point it was hard to feel continued empathy. The road of discovery was delivered in an entertaining and clever way in the first book but this time, it felt dragged out.

While Caden’s role didn’t resonate as strong this time, he managed to move me in other ways. Once he got his act together he was dynamic and as good as in the first book, unfortunately, the time he took to do so was too long. The limited interaction between Makenna’s family and Caden’s workplace meant there were many missed opportunities to strengthen the plot.

Had I not gone into this book with such high expectations, my opinion would have probably not been as critical but the stark differences reading the books back to back were too great for me and in hindsight, it would have been better not to have done so. Expectations aside, this ended up being a sweet heart-warming holiday read.

 What I loved:  

  • Caden taking control in his role as a paramedic on and off the job
  • His boss and the long-serving paramedics he comes across

 What I struggled with:  

  • Cameron
  • Caden retreating to his car
  • Self-doubting
  • Playing 20 questions when and where this time

Lily’s Rating: 3 Stars

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