The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy

January 13, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★

The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthyfour-stars
The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy
Series: Sexy in NYC #1
Published by Kensington on October 1st 2005
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 248
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Ordinarily, I'm a fan of pink-lovely colour, does smashing things for the complexion. But not when it's the bright, glaring stripe staring back at me on the pregnancy test. Then, pink is the colour of major oops, of morning sickness, of boyfriends who seemed decent but now are part of some Jerk Witness Protection Program.
Still, I've got a few things going for me-bitter humour, a divine right to eat till I'm the size of Marlon Brando, and good friends who've managed to get me a job interview with one Damien Sharpton: in need of a personal assistant, and some say, a good, swift kick in the arse. If you want to make a lasting impression, by all means, toss your cookies in your future boss's wastebasket, which is located directly between his excruciatingly sexy legs.
Apparently, Mr. Gorgeous-But-Unbearably-Anti-Social must like personal assistants who violate his trash can, because I got the job. And if I can avoid him via text messaging for the next seven months of health insurance, everything will be just fine. Except that he's just asked-no, insisted-that I go with him on a business trip to the Caribbean. Gulp. Ordinarily, this would be cause for celebration. Ordinarily, I'd shave my legs, pack my bikini, revel in day-glo drinks and my seething lust for Mr. Swarthy-And-Secretive. But there's nothing ordinary about this situation...which means it could be absolutely extraordinary...

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By SparklesWhen you are going to interview to be the assistant/secretary of a man referred to as Demon… you want to make a good impression. And there’s no doubt, puking your guts out into the bucket between his legs under his desk is not the way to go.

But this seemed to have worked for Mandy because she got the job. And she really needed it, as she has found herself pregnant and boyfriendless (she was with a fellow British douchewaffle who wanted her to “take care of the problem”).

Damien has been a working machine for the last 3 years since he lost his wife in a horrific way and the situation it generated.

Both have found the other very attractive but for different reasons have been trying to fight it (on Mandy’s part she’s been mainly trying to keep her pregnancy a secret) but when they go to an all-inclusive Caribbean vacation things just won’t stay hidden anymore (their lust and Mandy’s bun in the oven).

I really enjoyed The Pregnancy Test, it had the perfect balance between sweet romance, sexy action and laugh out loud moments. It was also surprisingly emotive, and I could really connect with both main characters.

Damien had buried every kind of feeling so he could still function after his ordeal, but spending time with Mandy will force him to reconsider his stand in life.

Mandy’s world shifted the moment she realized she was pregnant, and the baby became her top priority. I liked how we shared with her the journey of her pregnancy and how her feelings for the bump and Damien start unfolding.

I just loved Damien and his attitude towards Mandy and the baby, it was sweet, adorable and… completely wonderful.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet, sexy light romance I highly recommend this one. I’m definitely looking forwards to the next in the series!

Sparkles’ Rating: 4 Be my baby’s Daddy Stars

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