Who’s Afraid? by Maria Lewis

January 12, 2016 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Who’s Afraid? by Maria Lewisfive-stars
Who's Afraid by Maria Lewis
Published by Hachette Australia on 12 January 2016
Genres: Paranormal, Suspense
Pages: 400
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Incredibly exciting new voice in paranormal fiction.

This is the story of Tommi, a young Scottish woman living an ordinary life, who stumbles violently into her birthright as the world's most powerful werewolf. The sudden appearance of a dark, mysterious (and very attractive) guardian further confuses her as her powers begin to develop and she begins to understand that her life can never be the same again. The reader will be swept up in Tommi's journey as she's thrown into the middle of a centuries-old battle and a world peopled with expert warriors and vicious enemies - this is the start of a series - and a world - you will fall in love with.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By Lily



Who’s Afraid? is a fantastic story steeped in suspense with a paranormal twist. The heroine, Tommi Grayson, stood out from her unusual name to her bright blue hair and is about to discover her daunting destiny. Driven by the sudden death of her mother, Tommi feels compelled to look into her Maori heritage and search out her father, a past her mother had gone to great lengths to shield her from and an avenue she would have never considered while her mother was alive. Trouble is, Tommi lives in Scotland, her father in New Zealand and the limited story she’s been told about her father is vague and troubling.

When we meet Tommi, she is working as a junior curator at a gallery and sharing a flat with her friend Mari, a reporter with the local newspaper. They live the typical carefree lives you’d expect 20+year-old girls to, socializing and having fun in between the hectic demands of work. Now that Tommi’s mother has passed away, there’s nothing stopping her from satisfying the curiosity about her heritage. She had no need to reconnect with her father, just to understand the hidden side to her being and set eyes on him. If only it was to be that simple.

My head was telling me to turn back and forget this whole thing, but every fibre of my being was drawing me closer and closer to the front door.

Arriving in New Zealand with little to go on except the small lead Mari helped her find, she sets about to locate her father. A whole new world is about to open up for Tommi but it didn’t feel like she was immediately thrown into it. Reading her journey felt unforced and natural. Initially, no one is forthcoming in wanting to help her and she is met with a barrage of silence until a lucky break comes her way.

Drawn or led to meeting up with her father, she does so without the intention of identifying herself but her plan doesn’t go as well as she thought it could. Astutely observing she is out of her depth, she keenly begins to form a plan of escape and seizes the opportunity to bolt and makes a run for it. At this point I’m so grateful she is athletic because I need her to run and run fast.

Running without direction other than to get away from what she has just witnessed is about to become secondary to what she ends up running into…strangers and a man by the name of Lorcan. Knowing who to trust now and what to do to a certain extent is taken from Tommi. It seems everyone knows more than she does and have taken an interest in the girl with the strange accent and blue hair.

This becomes the turning point of the story and the first insight into the paranormal aspect of it. The balance between Tommi’s life in Scotland and the werewolf world she steps into is succinct. At times, I forgot I was reading a paranormal book, with suspense and unrequited love being what stood out the most as I delved into the story.

As to expect where werewolves are included in a story, there’s action, savagely brutal including a possible trigger for some readersView Spoiler » but it is sensitively dealt with after the event. Fortunately, it’s more about avoiding confrontation and being ready to handle it when it does. The ending takes you to a point of the story where I was keen to read on but not left hanging. Left wondering what the future holds for Tommi, her destiny remains unknown with several branches as yet not severed. Priced at over $10, this is more than what I usually spend on ebooks but this is not uncommon within the paranormal genre and it wouldn’t deter me from continuing having enjoyed this first book in the series so much.

What I loved:
• Gran’s advice on what to make on forgiveness
• Tommi’s introducing Lorcan to her Nina Simone CD, nice choice!
• The way Lorcan grew on me, an antihero or the good guy?
• Friendships
• The street art they put together towards the end…beautiful and appropriate

Lily’s Rating: 5 Stars


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