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Yes, it’s list time and the challenge we’ve set ourselves is to each share our top 10 favourite books published and read during 2015. Amazed to realise we’ve posted over 500 reviews during 2015 and this included more than 70 we rated 5 Stars. This year has been a big year for us, especially for Sassy who has branched out and started her own blog but is still a part of our EDGy family and has shared her stand-out books this year. We wish her well and look forward to catching up throughout 2016.

It was interesting to see which books made it on all our lists and we’re sure you’ll want to add a few to your TBR lists for 2016! Most books have been linked back to reviews. What was your favourite book this year?

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By LilyMy Top 10…..14 maybe 16 if you want to be pedantic 🙂 With over 3o books on my 2015 favourite shelf, this was a massive cull to get it down as low as this. There are some worthy books not listed here, especially the ones I read but weren’t released in 2015. Like Spice, there was a definite theme surfacing with this list, a lot of dark reads and I guess that solidifies my being known here as the Dark Queen.


Ride Steady and Walk Through Fire

The Chaos series is a sentimental favourite being the spin off from my all-time favourite KA book, Motorcycle Man. I may have mentioned being in KA Nirvana


Today and Tomorrow

Susan Fanetti never fails to impress me. This one was an emotional, heartfelt story. I loved it! As I put this list together, I’m reading another of her books, Dream & Dare, and so far it looks like I’ve picked another great book.


The King Series

Wow, T.M. Frazier blew me away with King, Tyrant and Lawless this year and waiting on the second half of Bear’s story due out in 2016

By Any Other Name

A modern day spin on Romeo and Juliet


Callie Hart

I’ve been sneaky and included two Callie Hart Books that although are not the same series they cross over. Violent Things and Rogue – Zeth And Sloane are two strong characters that are perfect together. Zeth is a antihero you can’t help but love.

Braid of Tongues

This book took me by surprise. It had me torn between right and wrong, wishing for what I shouldn’t have…

Poughkeepsie Begins

It ended with the Beginning, just like one of my other favourite series. The boys start in life was tough, but they managed to rule even then!

Dirty Promises

Javier, Javier, Javier… Another dark read about a Cartel and the fight to rule it. Full of betrayal and revenge. A King never to be underestimated and a Queen who will not be broken.

The Deal and The Mistake

The first book left me in a book buzz, so much so that I didn’t write a review and the second book was a great book that had me smiling. Can’t wait to read The Score!


The Queen

This friends, is how to write an erotic story! It’s not about the quantity, it’s the quality of the writing and content. Involving all the elements I adore in a story, witty charm, loyalty, intricately woven plot, strong characters and aspects of the plot and attributes of the characters  being hashed out with fellow readers way after I finished them. There’s a chance I was possibly being a tad sulky holding back rating this 4.5 Stars with it being the final book in The Original Sinners Series and I may need to reconsider my rating because there was no way I could overlook including it here.


By SpiceI read a lot of biker books this year and it shows on my top ten list. A big surprise, for me at least, was that a NA book made it, plus a couple of paranormals. Here’s my top ten in no particular order (note: I’m the only one that actually stuck with 10 books. Teaches me to come up with my list first).





One of the best heroines I’ve ever read, a badass biker Hero who was strong, sexy, and loyal plus an MC full of characters I want to know more about made this a book I pimped out far and wide. Biker book nirvana.



I love the Marauders series, but this book is my favorite. The story about a young woman finding her way back from a horrific attack wasn’t even all that romantic (although there was definitely romance happening), but it was beautiful to read no matter how hard the subject matter.

Broken Memphis

Gritty, bloody, with nothing sugar coated, but full of salt of the earth characters that kept me riveted from beginning to end.

Walk Through Fire

I didn’t think I was going to like High and Millie’s story, but I ended up loving it. Only KA can have me wanting to throat punch my favorite characters from Chaos, but completely understanding why they did what they did.


Hold On

In KA’s goodbye to the Burg’, she took two of my least liked characters and rocketed them to the top of my favorite’s of the series.

Ride Steady

KA had me smiling through my tears with this book that hit pretty close to home for me. I fell in love with Chaos and Tack all over again because of Carissa and Joker’s absolutely beautiful story.


I can’t believe I have a NA book on my top 10 list, but Kulti won me over with it’s slow burn, low angst, and the way it made me laugh. I stayed up all night and read this in one sitting and paid for it the next day but it was totally worth it.

Random & Rare

I told Cat Porter she should have named this book Random and Wrecked since that’s how I was at the end of the book. Cat Porter made me cry, but I forgave her since she wrote a story that captured my heart, promptly broke it, the glued it back together again.

Dragon On Top

GA Aiken is my go to book slump weapon. I hoarde her books because nothing makes me laugh like one of her dragon books. Funny, snarky, totally inappropriate, Glheanna and Bram had me laughing my way to a total book high.

Torched Afterburn

Very rarely does the second book in a series live up to the promise of the first one, especially if it’s about the same couple. Shay Mara completely surprised me in a good way with how she seamlessly picked up where Torch and Liv left off and kept me just as riveted with Afterburn as I was with Torch.


By SparklesTraveling for the holidays might not be the best idea when you have to keep up with blog stuff. Driving across half the country, getting used to hot weather and family drama will keep you plenty busy. Let’s just say I didn’t have a lot of time to decide what was my favorite, so here: my Top 10 20 for 2015!

Truth or Beard

I’m not really into facial hair but these brothers, and Duane specially, might just make me a convert. Great humor, sexy times, a little action. Can’t wait for the next one!

White Lilies

This one was a surprise for me. First time I read this author and she got me totally involed with everyone in the story. Emotional, sweet, sexy, and even hearbreaking. This one I absolutely recommend to put in your TBR if you haven’t read it already.


A lough out loud, snort, roll on the  floor, abs-work-out-not-longer-necessary read. Bossy H, younger h, great romance, and hot-hot-hot shenagins. A total favorite of mine this year.

Ride Steady

KA doesn’t need an introduction or explanation. Loved it.


Walk Through Fire

What I just said. KA has a thing about her writing. So if you have n0t read this… sigh…

Hold on

I won’t deny that for a couple of books there it seemed our KA had lost her mojo. But no, she just kind of misplaced it there for a little while. You want to read this one.



I really enjoy Belle Aurora’s work. This book was fantastic in my opinion. I loved Lev, loved Mina, loved absolutely everything about this story.


Athica Lane

I was a beta reader for this one. And it’s incredible the progress that Ms. Asher has made in her work. I found Cam drool worthy, Paige was great and the kids were fantastic. Effing LOVED this one.


The Deal

I was as surprised as Spice at how much I loved this NA. Funny, sexy, and totally attention grabbing.


The Mistake

This series is turning out to be one of my favorites of all time. I haven’t had the chance to get into the lastest installment yet but if it’s anything as this second one it’ll be totally awesome. NA at it’s best.


Random & Rare

Cat Porter has become a dear friend over this past year, and her work just keeps shocking me at how much emotion she can pull out of me. If you haven’t read this series, or any of Cat’s work for that matter, then get that one-click ready.



This one installment amazed me with how it handled a very hard subject and I found it really inspiring. Hot, bossy biker: a definite plus.



This was another book that had me snorting like a little piggy. NAish, sports related, I never thought I’d enjoy a slow burn romance so much. WARNING: do not start this book at night or you’ll go to bed really late.


Opening Up

Badass chicks, even badasser hot guy mechanic. This one was all hotness, sexyness and it had me completely hooked.


I enjoy PNR like, a lot. Suzanne Wright has a great hand for paranormal, but this one I liked more for it’s world building a fresh beasty boys 🙂 who doesn’t love a demon overlord.


Sassy’s Top 10 for 2015 in no particular order!



Best Paranormal Read
Burn by Suzanne Wright. Gave me everything I love in a paranormal romance.

Best Original
Loving The White Liar by Kate Stewart. This was a very interesting story-line which made me look at ADHD in a completely different light.

Best Tear Jerker
The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry. A hard story to read, but beautiful in its execution. Two people trying to move on from the devastating loss of partners.

Best Action
Best Laid Plans by Stylo Fantome. This book was full of action and had my heart pumping from start to finish. Loved the characters and could definitely see it made into a movie.


Best Comfort Zone Blast
King by T.M. Frazier. This book was soooo far out of my comfort zone that I was bracing for impact from start to finish. Dragged me in and kept my attention.

Best Short Story/Novella
The Seduction of Lord Stone by Anna Campbell. This is a historical short story and one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. Purely because the author was able to give me everything I love in a historical in a little package.


Best New Adult
The Deal by Elle Kennedy. Until this story I was not a fan of NA. Elle Kennedy has an amazing ability to give us believable young characters who still like to party but have brains and ambitions as well. Love this series.


Best Kristen Ashley
Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley. Only a KA addict could have a best of KA category in her list. This one was my favourite because of the hero…JOKER WAS AWESOME!!! Carissa was pretty cool too.

Best Historical
The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne. I really enjoyed this one. It was a sweet story about two children in an orphanage who “marry” each other. After being ripped apart they are reunited and must fight obstacles before they can live their HEA.

Best Series
The Guardians of the Realms by Setta Jay. I’ve read 5 of them already and I’ve got 2 more to go. Some of them were release before 2015 but I decided to include the whole series as they have all been AWESOME!! Really HOT and EROTIC Paranormal Romance with a different warrior finding their mate. They have this thing called the mating frenzy…hubba hubba 🙂
My Review for one of The Guardian books released in 2015 – Ecstacy Unbound




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