Hung by the Fireplace: When Jerry Met Riona by Killian McRae

December 21, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Hung by the Fireplace: When Jerry Met Riona by Killian McRaefour-stars
Hung by the Fireplace: When Jerry Met Riona by Killian McRae
Series: Pure Souls #0.5
Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform on November 9th 2015
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 100
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If demons aren't supposed to be able to love, then why does Incubus Jerry Romani keep going all goo-goo eyed every time Riona Dade's around? Is there something about the redhead that's different from the other women he's been dispatched by Hell to seduce? And why, oh why, does the Devil himself want this sexy yet prosaic mortal tagged and tailed? Things between the embedded demon and the sultry statistician start to heat up just as the temperatures outside take a dive, and Jerry soon realizes Riona will be opening more than just his package come Christmas. She's opening his heart, and with it, a world of possibility about what their futures might hold.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By SparklesJerry made me laugh. Cringe a couple of times I won’t lie, but mostly he made me feel for him. This whole story is from his PoV telling us how he met Riona the love of his damned life. His unexpected capacity for love was so well told, by the end I wanted to get a scaly, stinky Incubus Jerry of my own.

And just for this little gem, I wanted to give this book 5 stars:

“We screamed out our release at the same moment, timed just so because she’d been thinking earlier in the day how it always happened in romance novels and never in real life. I wanted to show her that with me, anything was possible. Score one for Jerry.  Suck it, Nora Roberts.

For some reason, this had me cackling like a crazy chick.

I haven’t read this series so everyone was new to me. I will confess that I had read the blurb for the first book and I was tempted to pick it up, but the impossibility of the expected romance kept me from it. Now the knowledge that Jerry might not get Riona in the end is what’s keeping me from starting… so if someone could assure me that yes, in the end they get a HEA together then I would totally dive into this whole shebang.

Jerry is an Incubus demon sent by the Devil himself to monitor and gather info (and the possible soul-damning-sin inclinations) of a seemingly human woman. Well, Jerry kind of becomes obsessed with the hot and sexy redhead and soon they have established a relationship… with lots of hot sex (he is an Incubus) in lots of locations (he is an Incubus) and positions (he is an Incubus) and levels of kinkiness (actually this is mostly Riona who seems to be a sex fiend). But the Dark Prince wants her for himself and is soon forcing Jerry to break her heart (we know this because the first chapter of book 1 starts with a seriously pissed off Riona fixing to barbecue Jerry back in the fires of Hell).

I greatly enjoyed Ms. McRae writing style and I’ll be looking into her work.

Sparkles’ Rating: 4 great-abs-work-out Stars

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