Exquisite Redemption by Ann Mayburn

December 14, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Exquisite Redemption by Ann Mayburnfour-stars
Exquisite Redemption by Ann Mayburn
Series: Iron Horse MC #3
Also in this series: Exquisite Trouble, Exquisite Danger, Exquisite Redemption, Exquisite Karma
Published by Honey Mountain Publishing on December 2, 2015
Pages: 267
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~This book CAN be read as a standalone, but for full enjoyment of the series read it in order~
In my wild, reckless past Carlos ‘Beach’ Rodriguez would have been my ideal man. He’s handsome, experienced, rich, kind, and in complete control of his destiny. Unfortunately he’s also a criminal, the President of an outlaw motorcycle club, and I’ve sworn off bad boys in my efforts to live my dream of being normal. It would be so much easier to resist him if he hadn’t saved my life more than once and didn't treat me like his queen.
Gorgeous, smart, and deadly, Sarah is my ideal woman, even if she is almost young enough to be my daughter. On the surface she’s one of the toughest females I’ve ever met, but underneath all that hard beauty and menace lies an incredibly tender heart that’s been damaged in the past. Winning her love is gonna be a challenge, but I’m determined to have her as my old lady and I’ll do whatever I have to in order to make that happen. That would be a hell of a lot easier to do if people weren’t trying to kill us all the time.
**Author's note- This is part ONE of TWO for Beach and Sarah's story and ends on a Happy For Now. Book TWO of Beach and Sarah's story will be available March 3rd, 2016.**

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.


By SpiceThis is a biker series I’m kind of fond of despite it’s cliffhanger endings. Part of that has to do with the fact that the first two were out so I could read them back to back. Unfortunately, now I have to wait as the rest of them come out one by one which really sucks. They say you can read this one as a stand alone, which I guess you could but I don’t recommend it.

Anyway, during Swan and Smoke’s story, I was definitely curious as to how Beach and Sarah hooked up so I was thrilled when this book came out. It definitely did not happen how Sarah told Swan it did, which is awesome news since the way she described it sounded boring. The bad news is it’s another cliffhanger. The good news is it’s actually not a true cliffhanger since we kind of know how things ended plus the next one comes out in March so I’ll be forgiving, well maybe not forgiving but I’ll put up with it for now.

I really like Sarah. She’s badass and not perfect but she owns up to her mistakes and issues and attempts to make up for them. Totally a heroine I can get behind. I knew I was going to like her because of how she was in Swan’s book, but I didn’t know how much. No simpering fool here, no matter that she was a playmate and a pole dancer. She’s smart, calm (well maybe not calm but keeps her head in bad situations), and she didn’t take crap from anyone, especially Beach.

Beach is a favorite too. I forgave him the whole insta-love thing he had going on because it happened during some extreme situations where I could actually see the whole quick falling in love thing working. He had a lot going on, but is doing the best he can to secure the HEA he can see happening with Sarah despite the shitstorm they have swirling around them. I absolutely loved how he acknowledged the scariness of Sarah’s relatives while not being intimidated by them.

The mystery of who the bad guy is starts here. You see the signs of a traitor but we still don’t know who it is. I know who I think it is, but we’ll see if I’m right as the story unfolds. I do love the Iron Horse MC and most of it’s members so I’m hoping that when the dust settles, I’m not devastated by who the orchestrator of all the mess that the MC finds itself in ends up being.

I’m looking forward to the next book in March. I did take off a star because of the cliffhanger since I can’t rate an incomplete book 5 stars, no matter how awesome it is. I’m hoping I won’t have to do that with the next one.

Spice’s Rating: 4  I Really Hate Cliffhangers but I loved this book stars

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