Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

November 30, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★½

Should’ve Said No by Tracy Marchthree-half-stars
Should've Said No by Tracy March
Series: Thistle Bend #1
Published by Loveswept on November 24th 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 226
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A year after being laid off from the Smithsonian, Lindsey Simms says yes to a job offer as curator of a heritage museum in Thistle Bend, Colorado (population 1,519). It could be worse—and it is. Because the new museum has escalated a dispute between the Karlssons, Lindsey’s relatives, and the Crenshaws, a blood feud which goes way back to a land deal that changed the fortunes of both families. Trying to stay objective, Lindsey can’t tell anyone about her conflict of interest—especially not the ruggedly handsome handyman fixing up her cabin, who seems to be keeping secrets of his own.

Although he’s the executive director of the family trust and one of Colorado’s most eligible bachelors, Carden Crenshaw prefers getting his hands dirty in town and on his sprawling ranch. Staying busy has given him an excuse not to risk heartbreak, but getting to know the beautiful “museum lady” makes him reconsider. Little does he know, the heat between them will only add fuel to the fire—unless this unlikely couple can prove they’re lovers, not fighters.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By SparklesLindsey is a museum curator who’s been unemployed for over a year when she gets an offer to run a new museum in a small town where a distant relative of hers lives.

This town has a lot of history but it’s most prominent issue is a centuries-old feud between two families. There was a parcel of land that was apparently outbid at the last minute with the Crenshaws the victors. Nowadays the Crenshaws are, well, rolling in it and the Karlssons own a restaurant. A very successful one but it doesn’t compare to the riches that came form that land.

Now Lindsey is in charge of finally settling the dispute, but both the Karlssons and Crenshaws put the pressure on to be the ones in the right.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Lindsey’s is loosely connected to the Karlssons, and I do mean loosely. The current Mrs. Karlsson is her Grandmother’s sister, but then she is also adopted, so there’s no blood ties whatsoever. Her great aunt tells Lindsey to keep their connection a secret. Now the Crenshaws have their own secret weapon aka Carden, the county’s most eligible bachelor.

Carden although disgustingly wealthy, loves to help around town as a handyman. He is working on getting the electricity up and going on Lindsey’s new home when she gets to town. Even in the dark sparks fly between them, and soon enough they’ll be spending more and more time together.

Now Lindsey not only has to keep her Karlsson connection a secret, but her budding relationship with Carden must be kept hush-hush too.

Meanwhile, she keeps trying to find any real evidence on the family feud and keep everybody happy. You can guess how that turns out. In a small town when everyone is in everybody’s business, secrets are hard to keep.

Lindsey has a hard time keeping things from the people she is starting to care about and Carden has a couple of issues that he needs to work through as he had been hurt in the past and he never got over it.

I enjoyed reading Should’ve Said No. It was a cute story, with a little heat, some romance and an overabundance of nosy people.

I felt the whole feud was a little OTT and cartoonish, but I guess that was the way it was meant to be. The mystery behind the land was a great touch and while I can’t say I was overly invested in the main characters it was a nice story and a good read.

Sparkles’ Rating: 3.5 Stars



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