Celestial Desire by Abbie Zanders

November 29, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Celestial Desire by Abbie Zandersfour-half-stars
Celestial Desire by Abbie Zanders
Published by Self-published on August 3, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 135
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Dance with reckless abandon.
Pet a snake.
Get a tattoo.
Have wild, hot sex with a gorgeous stranger.

Recently divorced from her abusive ex, Celeste Harrison is creating a new life for herself, and hot ex-Marine Zane Fagan is perfect for crossing at least one item off her bucket list.

Celeste isn’t Zane’s usual type, but there’s something about her that keeps him coming back for more. In addition to being sweet and incredibly sexy, she’s smart, funny, and when he’s with her, the demons that haunt him are quiet.

It’s all fun and games until her ex tracks her down. Then Zane must decide if he is going to be the man she thinks he is, or the man he was.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By SparklesI just love this kind of story. Easy, sweet and with a touch of steam to it, it was a very entertaining and enjoyable book.

Zane lost his family (parents and little sister) in a very traumatic way. He’s been out of the marines for a couple of months, but he hasn’t recovered from his loss and has been drowning his sorrows in his start-up security consultant business, exercise and any woman who smiles his way. That is until he sees the honey blond Goddess by the pool and he turns into an insecure, mumbling teenager.

Celeste is trying to get a fresh start after some very bad experiences. She’s a slightly socially awkward computer genius (as in builds and programs them) and she has just moved near her mom to rebuild their relationship. She would have never thought an Adonis such as Zane would give her a second look, and although Zane confesses at some point that she is not his usual type, they seem to be meant for each other, arousing feelings they’ve never experienced before.

After the first hook up, Zane can’t stop thinking about her and Celeste is equally affected. Soon they start spending more and more time together. While neither is exactly looking for a relationship, what started out as the best sex they’ve ever had morphs into feelings that can’t be stopped from growing.

I’ve said before, I love Ms. Zanders style and her alpha male leads.  Once they find “the one” they eventually get their heads out of their butts and refuse let her go. Zane stepped up, finally, but it did take him some time to get there. It was so cute seeing this super confident, decisive, alpha soldier fumbling around a hot girl. It made him that much more endearing.

Celeste was the type of h you can connect to even with all her awkwardness. She was constantly battling her demons and trying to better herself and learn from her past mistakes. It was a delight to see her blossom under Zane’s rough but gentle hands… and other body parts 😉

Not everything is hearts and rainbows. A freaking crazy ex, the need to overcome personal demons and some pretty idiotic male reasoning will stand in their way to a happily ever after.

There was one thing that bugged me a little, and that was the situation with Zane’s family, or more accurately, his apparent lack of closure. By no means am I trying to say he should be over it, but the whole thing felt a little unfinished. Maybe it was just that we don’t get to see him deal with it.

I had Celestial Desire sitting on my kindle for some time and am now kicking my own ass for not getting to it earlier. I loved it.

Sparkles’ Rating: 4.5 “Best Double Wedding Ever” Stars.



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