Fire & Dark by Susan Fanetti

November 27, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Fire & Dark by Susan Fanettifour-stars
Fire & Dark by Susan Fanetti
Series: The Night Horde SoCal #3
Published by Freak Circle Press on May 9, 2015
Genres: Biker / MC, Suspense
Pages: 318
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Connor Elliott is Sergeant at Arms of the Night Horde SoCal. He was brought up in the MC life and has never wanted anything else. But he’s found out the hard way that love and the outlaw life don’t always mix. Now he avoids romantic entanglements.

Pilar Cordero is a firefighter in San Bernardino County. Her demanding career has taken its toll, so she, too, has decided to live her life without romance. She focuses on her friends and her family and takes physical fulfillment when and where she wants it.

When Connor and Pilar meet, best-laid plans quickly go awry.

In the midst of their struggle to understand the power of their connection and reconcile what they thought they wanted with what they know they need, Pilar’s family and Connor’s club collide. The result is explosive, and the aftermath leaves no one unscarred.

Can they come through the fire and dark together?

Note: explicit sex and violence.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

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By LilyHot, dark and steamy.

You don’t have to let your imagination run wild to appreciate that when the SAA of the Night Horde MC hooks up with a Firefighter there’s bound to be a lot of alpha vibes about. Add in both of them having a commitment phobia and it’s obvious this story was never going to be easy going.

Pilar loves her job as a firefighter with a passion. Her method of dealing with the trauma and tragedy she encounters is through rough, hard and impersonal hookups. She engages random partners into screwing her into a state of blissful oblivion, wiping out the trauma and tragedy she encounters.  It works for her and the men she encounters… except for Connor.

“I guess if you were into that bimbo, then maybe I’m not your type. But I know things she can’t even spell. I’ll fuck your brains out and send you on about your life. You in or not?” 

When Pilar decides to wipe out the memory of a fatality she attended by getting with Connor, he gets a taste of a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t stuff about going for it. Taking Connor by surprise, she manipulates him into fighting her into submission.  Not the situation he chooses to be in but he manages and fortunately he’s a fast learner. He’s met his match in Pilar but neither are prepared for this to be anything more than one night.

Their chemistry is one thing but both being dominant characters they reach a point where one person needs to take the lead. When they’re under pressure, this happens naturally, respecting each other’s capabilities.  Where it became an issue is when they have time to ponder their future and how they could manage being together while still staying in their chosen line of work. Both Connor and Pilar doubt a relationship is possible with their unconventional hours, call outs and the need to release the stress that builds up.  Family and brotherhood play a major role in determining what can and can’t happen. Some situations are not negotiable, and the pressure builds to a point where chemistry is no longer enough.

When they do succumb to each other it’s hot and brutal. What is missing though is communication and this is where they lost me. You play hard, there has to be clear limits and awareness for each other’s feelings. They may have both been mature consenting adults but they had a long way to go to in making a relationship along the lines that Pilar wanted.

It was good to see strong women featuring in roles where traditionally a male character would have been chosen. Providing an interesting platform for the men to adjust their egos and make decisions based on facts rather than gender. What transpired was jealousy and identity issues that were not limited to either and would often influence the way a situation panned out.

Combining a firefighter and MC provided the platform for lots of action and added to the darkness of the story. Yet for a dark book featuring two strong willed characters it had moments where a situation resulted in an unexpected display of neediness. It highlighted their fragility. While they were headstrong in their work environments, when it came to their personal life their vulnerability surfaced.

By the end, I was in a relatively good head space considering this was a heartfelt and dark tale.

Lily’s rating: 3.5+ rounded up to 4 stars

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