Beauty and the Boss by Diane Alberts

November 18, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Beauty and the Boss by Diane Albertsfour-stars
Beauty and the Boss by Diane Alberts
Series: Modern Fairytales #1
Published by Entangled Publishing on November 16, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 190
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Beauty is about to tame her beast...

Researcher Maggie Donovan has no luck with men, and it doesn't help that she can't keep her eyes off of her sexy boss - the one everyone else in the office calls The Beast. Relationships in the office are forbidden. So no one is more surprised than Maggie when she pretends to be his fiancée to save him during a difficult situation. Not only has she put her job on the line, but the future of the company.
Billionaire Benjamin Gale III doesn't believe in love or romance, but the look on his mother's face when Maggie tells her that she's his fiancée is worth millions. Instead of firing her for her insubordination, he goes along with the ruse. In his arms-and in his bed-she'd be everything he could ever want…which is why he can't have her.
But if he doesn't let her go, they'll lose everything…

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By SparklesAwwwww… This is one of those sweet books that are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face and completely satisfied in the name of romance and true love.

Maggie is a researcher and a very hard worker in Benjamin’s company. She is sweet, nice, considerate and kind… totally unlike the socialites Benjamin is constantly set up with by his mother.

Ben has been trying to make up for a mistake for the last 6 years, burying the man he was and trying to emulate his late father, a workaholic who wouldn’t show a drop of emotion, he seems to be pretty good at this as he is known as The Beast around the office.

Of course, Ben has been lusting after her sweet behavior and even sweeter body, but he has a very strict no dating policy so he would never go there. Well, for real anyway, he can do whatever he pleases in his mind. One night they are both working late, as usual being the only ones left at the office. When Ben’s dinner plans get cancelled and the food is already on the way to his office he invites Maggie to share his meal. They are having an incredibly good time until Maggie drops her fork and has to dive under the table to get it back. Of course, that is the moment that Benjamin’s obnoxious, snobby, rude, hateful (I don’t want to sound like a dictionary here so I’ll just leave it there but I could go on) mother chooses to show up. She immediately assumes the worst of both Ben and Maggie, and spews a lot of crap mainly focused on hurting her son.

Maggie, ever the sweet and caring soul, jumps to his defense and the only way she comes up with to negate his mother’s accusations of them breaking company policies and being open to getting fired is to tell her they had been dating before she arrived at the company and they are actually engaged. They just have been keeping it on the down low for her co-workers sake.

Ben is completely stunned by the sheer brilliance of Maggie’s idea, and soon is developing a plan. They’ll pretend to be engaged to keep his mother out of his hair, keep Maggie’s job, and frustrate his mother’s constant attempts at matchmaking. It’s a win-win really.

Soon they’re spending lots of time together, and their chemistry is just amazing. Maggie can’t help herself, and even when she wants to keep her distance it’s just not possible, Ben is just too charming.

Ben on his part is getting his walls and icy veneer cracked like that cartoon about the squirrel in the ice age with the nut. There’s no way to stop them once his feelings start to change and actually show.

But Ben’s mother proves to be more evil than the Wicked Witch of the West and meddles by doing everything in her power to get her own way. Between their own issues to overcome and everything that gets thrown at them, it’s hard to know if they’ll actually make it. But if they do, they just might get everything they’d never thought to dream about.

As I said, I found Beauty and the Boss a very entertaining read. Well paced, with lovable characters that we get to see change as they overcome past hurts, and witness their feeling for the each other flourish. This was a sweet story with some steaminess to it. All around a great read I very much enjoyed and I’m looking forward to getting better acquainted with Ms. Alberts work.


Sparkles’ Rating: 4 totally satisfied Stars


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