Biker’s Baby Girl by Jordan Silver

October 24, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Biker’s Baby Girl by Jordan Silverfour-stars
Biker's Baby Girl by Jordan Silver
on October 18, 2015
Pages: 265
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Creed is an ex sharpshooter turned bike crew President, with a rough upbringing and the scars to prove it. Nine years ago an old drunk offered him his twelve-year-old daughter for his next pint. Knowing that as fucked up as he was he was still the kid’s best bet, he took the deal. He left her with an aunt he thought he could trust because Uncle Sam owned his ass for the next little while, and he had no choice.
Then his babygirl turned eighteen and shit went south, literally. He knew he had to stay the fuck away from her or she’d be under him before she could blink, but he made a deal with himself.
When his babygirl hit twenty-one he was taking her no matter what.
Her birthday was three days away and though he’d kept his distance for the last two and a half years he’s been keeping tabs on her. It was time to collect.

This book contains cameo appearances from Colton Lyon, The Lyon series, Travis Mallory, Rough Riders, Blade Master, Man of Steel, Lawton Daniels, Anarchist, Jakes Summers, Bad Boy, and members of the SEAL Team Seven series.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SpiceI have no idea why I like so many of Jordan Silver’s books.  The editing is horrible with misspelled words everywhere, plot holes, sometimes even the names aren’t right.  The H’s are always alpha neanderthals with monster um….equipment (13 1/2 inches??? That does not make me think “hot”, it makes me think “ouch”).  The h’s are usually shy little virgins who after their first time take to sex like porn queens. The sex is usually raunchy as all get out.  JS likes to go for shock value, usually with a huge age difference.  Some of the books are better than others but I really liked this one.

Why? you ask.  Because Creed made a mistake, a huge mistake, and he spent the entire book kicking himself.  I adored this about him.  He fit the Jordan Silver alpha Hero mold to a T – he was hot, crude, rude, the kind you really wouldn’t want to take home to Mama (if you have one).

As for the h, Jessie/Baby Girl was just kind of meh for me.  I usually don’t like the shy, young, total mousey h’s that JS writes.  They do eventually find their voices, but a lot of times they have a level of immaturity that I don’t connect to.  Jessie was no exception.  I didn’t mind her, I just didn’t love her.

The shock value aspect of Biker’s Baby Girl was basically that Creed was given Jessie by her father in exchange for money for a pint or two.  He ended up with custody but since he was often deployed and not around, he left her with her aunt to watch over her.  Obviously there is quite the age difference, plus the fact that she was his ward, even though he did not raise her.  He did wait until she was 21 before doing the usual Jordan Silver type of claiming.

There was a lot of action in this one.  The issues Creed and Jessie/Baby Girl faced involved some of my favorite alphas from other JS books plus some I wasn’t familiar with so I get to do some reading and re-reading.   Yay!  Once I get caught up with everyone’s story’s, I plan on reading it again so I can get the full experience. It’s not great literature, it’s more like somewhat raunchy cliterature in vast need of editing, but I’m good with that.

Spice’s Rating:  4 Guilty Pleasure Stars

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