Framed by C.P. Smith

October 21, 2015 Book Review, Spotlight 0 ★★★★½

Framed by C.P. Smith

Framed by C.P. Smithfour-half-stars
Framed on October 21, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Pages: 267
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WARNING: Author believes in soul mates and insta-love. Proceed with caution if you're not a romantic at heart.

Six hundred minutes. That’s all it took ex-SEAL Kade Kingston to find trouble his first day home. He’d managed to survive covert operations in the hostile mountains of Afghanistan, only to be brought down by a baseball bat. If he had the first five hundred minutes back, he would have only had one drink before insisting his old friend tell him what the hell was going on. As it stood now, he and Sutton were both dead in the water—literally and figuratively. Six hundred minutes. That’s all it took for Kade Kingston to walk back into hell in his own backyard, losing everything in the process . . . including his freedom.

Inmate dog trainer, Harley Dash, knew Kade briefly as a teenager and was convinced of his innocence. Wanting to help the brooding ex-SEAL, she took it upon herself to force Kade into the Inmate Dog Training Program while she looked for a killer. With Kade confined, Harley and her father, along with two sexy SEALs, looked for evidence that would set Kade free.

Unfortunately, for Kade, Sutton's murder was just the tip of the iceberg in a case of corruption and murder, one that will send Kade and Harley into the Florida Everglades with a killer.

Will they survive the alligators of the Florida Everglades, or will the Dread Pirate Roberts exact his revenge?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

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By SparklesBy now I can say with all certainty that I’m a fan of Ms. Smith.11238221_1646348585588386_6735220607606761951_o I’ve really enjoyed her work so far and this one didn’t disappoint. At all.

Framed is the story of Kade, a hot Navy SEAL who retires so he can care for his sick grandfather, the one who raised him and his brother when their parents disappeared. On his first day back, and after one too many congratulatory shots at a bar, he finds himself being framed for a murder he most certainly didn’t commit. But is soon processed and sent to jail.

Harley has always had a crush on Kade Kingston, since the very first time she saw him at a football game, and admired (aka drooled for) him from afar.

She works at her dad’s garage and volunteers in a program where abused dogs get rehabilitated by inmates in a prison. When she finds out Kade is transferred to her prison, she wastes no time trying to get him into her program.

You see, Harley and her dad didn’t believe for a moment that Kade was guilty of the crime he was convicted for, and they’ll do anything in their power to exonerate him.

To say their first encounter inside was not good is putting it mildly. Unbeknownst to Harley, Kade has held a torch for her from that same first football match. At first, he saw her as too perfect to do anything with, but when he finally got his life together enough to pursue her, the timing was always wrong.

Obviously, when Kade sees the woman of his dreams standing there, all hot and perfect and him being a freaking imprisoned convict he doesn’t react too well, and refuses to participate in the dog training program.

Soon though he can’t help but be close to Haley, as they are undeniably drawn to each other.

This story is filled with intrigue, suspense, conspiracies and corruption. It was a very gripping book, and it kept me on the edge of my seat (figuratively speaking, of course, I was mostly lounging) with heart palpitations most of the time from the scorching hot shenanigans they get into as much as the shooting, kidnapping and general bad-ass-SEAL-ery action going on.

As usual Ms. Smith gives as an uber alpha, possessive testosterone filled H, who’s totally dreamy and hotter than hell. Harley is the quirky, stubborn type of heroine I love, too. She decided she was going to get Kade out and she didn’t stop until she did.

11146513_1122492604431903_1920438068936683504_nThe start of the story having our main characters separated by their condition made it a bit slower than the whole claiming-and-moving-in-together-asap thing we usually get from this author, and that let it be known, I freaking love by the way. But the story had so many intrigues going on that I almost didn’t care… and Kade did move in the second he was out so…

Framed was a highly entertaining read and it had one heck of an epilogue, filled with happiness, marriage and lots of babies!

Sparkles’ Rating: 4.5 alpha-induced-satisfaction Stars.



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C.P. Smith is a stay-at-home mom with a keyboard. She’s never serious and lives inside her head.

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