Price of Angels by Lauren Gilley

October 14, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★½

Price of Angels by Lauren Gilleyfour-half-stars
Price of Angels by Lauren Gilley
Series: Dartmoor #2
Also in this series: Fearless, The Skeleton King, Secondhand Smoke (Dartmoor, #4)
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Book II in the Dartmoor Series.
Holly Jessup came to Knoxville in search of the Lean Dogs MC, hoping to find a killer among them. She’s spent four months cozying up to Sgt. at Arms Michael, and it’s time to make her move.
Michael McCall isn’t in the habit of accepting contract hits, but Holly isn’t the kind of girl who chases after Dogs. She’s petrified, and infatuated, and she might be the first woman to see him for the man he is, rather than the outlaw he seems. Maybe, for Holly, he can become St. Michael at last.
After the events of FEARLESS, the Lean Dogs can’t afford any more scandals. Michael never expected he’d be the one to bend the rules. And no one thought his feelings for one woman could shake the balance of the Tennessee underworld.
Be sure to look for Book I in the Dartmoor Series, FEARLESS, and be on the lookout for Book III, coming Summer 2015. Lauren invites her readers to join her on social media: @lauren_gilley;; Facebook/Lauren Gilley – Author. Email her at

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceSecond in the Dartmoor Series, I loved Price of Angels even more than the first book, Fearless. The beautiful wording, the pace, the action, and the characters – it all drew me in and I couldn’t put it down.

The Dartmoor series is turning out to be not your normal MC series. It does have lots of grit and action and triggers galore View Spoiler », but the books focus on the main couple, with the members of the MC as true background characters. We do get to know the other members, but I love that the main focus is the hero and his heroine and the battles and personal demons they are fighting.

Michael was beyond interesting to me. Usually MC books stress the thought of brotherhood, not by blood but by club.  Michael is a brother that is so closed off, so socially removed he doesn’t seem to be accepted by his brothers. In fact, it’s almost like they don’t like him because he makes them nervous since they don’t know what goes through his head. I found myself questioning why he was a member and if all hell broke loose, would his brothers even back him up? Watching Michael come out of his shell for Holly was beautiful to behold, and as his backstory unfolded and I started to get a grasp on why he was so closed off, I started falling for his character just like Holly was.

Holly was unbelievably broken and scared, yet she was beating things back and trying to figure out how to survive the fight she knew was headed her way. Raised in the middle of a nightmare, once she escaped she had no idea how the rest of the world lived. Things we take for granted, she had no knowledge of. In order to learn, she read magazines and books and watched movies. I loved that she took all this with a grain of salt, instinctively knowing the difference between pop culture and what’s really “real.” I also had the utmost respect that she knew that in order to survive, she would have to find the baddest of the bad and convince him to help her. Hard to do when men scare you, but she made a plan and persevered. She set her sights on Michael (because she figured out he scared the baddest of the bad) and what a great choice that was. Holly’s not a badass heroine who can kickass and take names, but the inner strength she showed was impressive and the fact that she knew her limitations and gave everything she had to persevere made her almost more badass than the most kickass heroine out there.

I loved that this was not an insta-love situation. More like the blind leading the blind since both Michael and Holly had no idea how to interact not only with each other but with anyone else. Watching them figure things out with no unnecessary angst and straightforwardness was beautiful to behold.

We got to see lots of Mercy and Ava which I appreciated. Mercy and Michael started out pretty much hating each other, but as the book progressed it was nice to see they were more alike than they knew. Ghost lost some serious points in this book. I’m not going to spoil anything and I get where his head was at, but I vehemently disagree with where he was going with a certain situation. The Lean Dogs themselves I still love, and can’t wait to dive into The Skeleton King which is up next. In fact, I’m shoving aside an ARC and I’m going to start it tonight.

Spice’s Rating:  5 absolutely thrilled stars


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