Sexy by J.A. Huss

September 24, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★

Sexy by J.A. Hussthree-stars
Sexy by J.A. Huss
Published by Science Future Press on September 9, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 249
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Imagine the man of your dreams. The blue eyes. The unruly blonde hair. The perfect abs. How strong his muscular thighs feel as you dig your fingernails into the denim of his jeans.

Now imagine looking up to meet his gaze as he guides you towards his belt. Offers you a new life, a new destiny, a whole new world as he teaches you how to make him moan. Coaches you in the art of being sexy.

Would you say no? Could you say no?

Fletcher Novak is that perfect man and he just made Tiffy Preston the offer of a lifetime. And all she has to do is... everything he tells her.

Sexy is a full-length, standalone novel by New York Times Bestselling author, JA Huss.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyLoved the beginning of Sexy. I was so caught up in the cover, then lesson time… but as I got further into the story, that initial draw to the story waned. If it hadn’t been a JA Huss book I may have walked away, in a suggestive sexy way of course because I had been paying attention 😉 Glad I didn’t because it ended up being a good story. Not the kind I was expecting from JA Huss, but good all the same. Maybe I would have benefited from a BOBS (Beginning of Book shit intro) to ease me into it.

Sexy is the story a male stripper, the show he is a part of and the venue he works at. In each show the strippers single out a person in the audience, giving them a cheap thrill so to speak and in Fletch’s case whisper the promise of more to come…if they’re interested. And they’re always interested, he’s the master of seduction. He knows what works and he works it to everyone’s benefit. Tiffy is one of the lucky ladies he singles out. She appears indifferent and in Fletch’s eyes, a challenge.

With so much to enjoy, what was the stumbling block for me? It was one character, Tiffy. I lost hope of a connection with her early on in the story, there was a chance but it fizzled out. She was so caught up on Cole, for what reason no one can work out but there it is, she wants to win him over. With the option of Cole or Fletch, I was stuck on the fact that if someone delivered on the level Fletch did, why the hell would she be looking elsewhere? So Fletch suggests he could help her win Cole over with his fool proof techniques of seduction. Hanging on to that notion that you could win another guy over is fine, but when we are still at the instructional stage at 70% in a book, girl…you got to get it that he is not that in to you!

Mind you the lessons were of the practical variety and having Fletch as your personal trainer would be worth repeating class. And don’t take my concern over slow moving in the relationship department to equate to lack of steam, there was plenty! What irked me was that Tiffy’s reactions were cramping Fletch’s style to a degree. He went from HELLO to hi, well not entirely. I should add that toned down he was still impressive.

So you ask was no one there to point out the obvious to Tiffy? Yes, there was – Claudio, her colleague and friend. He was the entertaining voice of reason throughout the story…if only she would have listened to him. Once I read through the EoBS (the End of Book Shit which I always look forward to!) it dawned on me that I too had been a tad judgmental when it came to how I perceived so many of the characters when it was all laid out for me.

What I loved:

  • Fletch
  • Claudio
  • Katie

What I struggled with:

  • Tiffy and her  inner dialogue

Lily’s rating: 3 Stars 

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