A Love For Always by Victoria Paige

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A Love For Always by Victoria Paigefour-stars
A Love For Always by Victoria Paige
Series: Always #3
Also in this series: Always Been Mine, It's Always Been You
Published by Victoria Paige Books Buy on Amazon

What happens when a security expert tries to protect a feisty chef who has a penchant for pissing off the most dangerous elements of the criminal underworld?
Cue the danger and mayhem.
Nathan Reece is a serial dater. Despite his reputation, women can’t seem to resist the challenge to make him commit. But the problem isn’t Nate’s ability to commit. The problem is he’s already given his heart to the girl who got away—twice.
Sylvie Yoshida.
Years ago, Nate and Sylvie had a steamy no-strings-attached affair that ended when his CIA duties called, and Sylvie’s ambitions to become a chef got in the way. Not willing to give each other up, they agreed to a platonic relationship.
When Nate quit the CIA with plans to claim his woman, he again became a victim of wrong timing. Sylvie had found someone else, and it was looking more and more likely he would remain in the friend zone forever.
However, fate is up to some mischief and has given him his third chance to make her his.
There is that one tiny problem that his lady love has found herself entangled with the Asian Crime Syndicate—a hybrid organization that is a cross between the Yakuza and the Chinese Triad. Will Nate be able to save her? More than one life is at stake, and he must tread carefully between secrets and truth and his duty to country and the woman he loves.
* Strong sexual content and language. Standalone. No cliffhanger. Second-chance, friends to lovers romance.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

Sylvie put Nate in the zone…the friend zone.

A Love For Always is the story of Nate and Sylvie. Nate is ex-CIA and now a security specialist. Sylvie is a chef who specialises in Japanese ramen. They have known each other for nine years. It started off as an intense sexual relationship, but when their busy work lives interrupted, they decided to be friends instead. In the time apart they carried on but Nate knew that Sylvie was the one for him. Unfortunately, the timing was always wrong for him to take ownership. Seriously, that’s how he sees it. Hello…big tough CIA, security specialists can be such possessive Neanderthals. Nate finds out that Sylvie is single again, scrapes off his current legs with a pretty face and forces Sylvie to get with the program and sign up for the Neanderthals Are Us, Buddy Program. In this program she is supposed to go along with whatever Nate says with a smile on her face and love in her eyes…

In reality…

Sylvie realises she has got to get rid of Nate before he sees what a mess she’s made of things. Why on earth she decided to team up with her Dad, a baddie in Japan, is beyond me. Yes, there were circumstances that pushed her to fall into the mess, but her choices ended up putting a lot of people in danger. So when Nate comes crashing back into her life, he knows that Sylvie has a spot of bother and wades in to fix things. This is why she wanted to get rid of Nate. Sylvie didn’t want him to get in trouble for her mess.

Like Sylvie had a choice. Nate is not the sort of man to let danger be around a person he cares for without him at her back. Luckily, Nate has a lot of people he can count on to help with her issues and he doesn’t hesitate to wade in and get things sorted.

I enjoyed this story but did have some frustrations as well. Sylvie acted recklessly thinking she would be invincible. I didn’t like anyone in her family except for her Nana. Her mother and father are selfish people who never put her needs first and this was not dealt with enough by the end for me to forgive them. Nate is a recovering manwhore. At the beginning of the story we see him dealing with a woman who was living with him, but like all the rest, wanted more. Yeah, he gave her his standard talk at the beginning of the relationship about it not being anything more than sex, but they never get it. My question is, why does he live with them? I never got that and it took a while for me to warm up to him and get past his hook up with women who he sleeps with until Sylvie is available attitude. Once they’re together, he turns into a mindless sap who is overcome with feelings. Snap out of it man, you’re supposed to be a tough guy.

Victoria Paige does her research thoroughly. You feel like you’re learning when you read one of her stories. Whether it’s learning about the intricacies of cooking ramen or how the American government deals with baddies. I love reading about the baddies in other countries and what America sees as a real threat or an inconvenience. I know this is a story, but it always feels so real.

A Love For Always was a steamy read with a great re-connection between the couple. Yes, I did have some problems with them that did reduce my overall love for them, but it was still a good 4 star read for me. I can’t wait for more from this author.

Sassy rates this one 4 Stars.


By SparklesI know I can always trust Ms. Paige to deliver a well thought out, action packed, suspenseful and steamy hot romance. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The final book in this second chance romance series was just as entertaining and fun as those before. Me not being a lover of the whole “second chance romance” I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed them all, and specially this one, that didn’t have sudden appearances from supposedly dead lovers or an amnesiac wife making it almost like they met for the first time.

I do have to say that one of my favorite things about Ms. Paige’s writing are her uber-alpha bossy Hs. And while Nate filled this profile to a T, for the first 20% of the book it felt he was holding back his intensity, so it took me a little while to get into the story. But when he did give free reign to all that alpha yummyness, it was awesome.

Sylvie was a cute h, she had spunk and was a smartass, and I loved that about her. I understood her reasons for getting into the mess she got into, but honestly I wanted to slap her a bit at one point. That said, she always did  what was best for everyone’s safety and when it really came to it, she fought with everything she had. So I “heart” you Sylvie https://media.giphy.com/media/Gne1cdT4sCoOQ/giphy.gif

As usual A love for Always had great action scenes, the suspense was fantastic (I was really not expecting that outcome) and the epilogue… Thank you Ms. Paige, I loved it. It was the perfect ending and just what I wanted!

Sparkles’ Rating: 4.5 Stars


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