Braid of Tongues by Monica David

September 4, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Braid of Tongues by Monica Davidfive-stars
Braid of Tongues by Monica David
Series: Braids #1
Published by Self-published on May 27, 2015
Genres: Suspense
Pages: 396
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What if your perfectly contented life was suddenly turned upside down and you were forced to face a decision you never imagined you’d have to?
Ariane Reis has a husband who loves her, a young son and a cosy family routine.
When she starts a new job in the heart of London, she has no idea she is about to embark on a scorching sensory journey of eroticism and self-discovery that will irrevocably alter her life.
Luka Volkov is a smart and unnervingly intense Russian on her team. He is young, sharp and insatiable. He doesn’t just seduce her body. He seduces her mind and the very essence of her being.
Despite the emotional angst she finds herself in, Ariane must fight to get through the impossible task of untangling love from lust, or risk losing everything she holds dear. The problem is - not everything is black and white.

A story both delightful and heartbreaking about regular people in unanticipated circumstances.

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes and should not be read by people under 18.

“I am completely blown away by this novel... Beautiful writing, gripping plot, intense chemistry and characters that make you ache: all reasons why I’ve given Monica David’s Braid of Tongues five glorious stars.” Sarcastica

“Gut-wrenching, passionate... It will hook you and not let go until the shocking end!” Write-escape

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By LilyWow!

How did I succumb to wanting the bad guy to win the girl? Ariane is a married woman, with a wonderful caring husband, Sean, and they have been blessed with Troy their 2 1/2-year-old son. Having spent the last couple of years at home raising their son, Ariane steps back into the workforce with Sean’s support. Right down to a massage to prepare her for her first day at work.

Sean is on the cusp of bigger and better times as a photographer. Mixing with designers and models, giving them the respect they demand while at the same time seeing his job as a means to provide for his family. Ariane and Sean joke about the fact that since he is forced to work with beautiful women, if anyone had the chance to play up it would be him but he’s a great father and loyal husband. What more could a girl want? Nothing it would seem until she steps into a world that sees her as more than a mother and wife.

Ariane slips into working at Chez Romain a dynamic mixed group, varying in age, gender and ethnicity. It makes for an interesting and great place to work with ease. She quickly connects with the team she will be managing, with the exception of Luka Voklov. He remains distant and unresponsive to her attempts to build a positive working relationship with. Not letting this overly worry her, she maintains a professional attitude and does her best to work with him.

The diversity of the characters both at home and work added an interesting depth to the plot. Initially, it took me a little time to get to know the characters but once the familiarity of the individual characters was established, I was reluctant to put it down.

“If you really want to leave, this would be the time, Ariane.” His tone is low but emphatic, and I’m rendered motionless, speechless. The thumping sound of my heart is nothing short of thunderous. This is it, the last line. I rack my brain for anything neutral to say, but I am empty of words, I just stand there, staring at the outline of his body, suspended in time, wishing he hadn’t phrased the impossible choice I am meant to make, a choice I wish chance would determine for me yet again.

So now to mention the elephant in the room, namely cheating. Which I don’t condone or relish in a book. When it does come up, the need to understand how someone could succumb to the lure of temptation intrigues me. How right or wrong a situation is can be debated, but the fact that it is being debated alludes to doubt. With doubt, the choice is no longer yes or no, right or wrong. It wasn’t long before I too became lost in the muddied waters of choice, suddenly believing the situation at hand was a fait accompli.

Isn’t it curious how someone you hardly know can have such a powerful effect on you? Can inspire a desire that throws not only your loyalties but also the most basic prudence out of your mind? A desire that envelops you, that is effervescent, that corrupts your soul. And it’s not an exclusively carnal reaction, a need to receive pleasure, on the contrary, it’s also an odd desire to please.

The story tackles some big issues, honesty, communication, jealousy, and self-confidence. It also poses the unspoken question of love and lust. The lust was explored thoroughly to the point that love and lust were no longer clearly identified. The times in and outside the bedroom were sizzling (there may be some deeds that are not to everyone’s taste but all was consensual), obscuring my moral compass to a point that I was definitely wishing for what I knew was wrong.

Now if you’re still with me, there’s one other snippet you’ll want me to share. The ending leaves you asking what Ariana has walked into. In other words, it’s a cliffy. IMO even though you will be left in suspense awaiting the answer to THAT poignant question, it ends at a time that you might want to take a breath and ponder what you’ve just read. The next book is due for release January 2016 but I have a feeling this story will stay with you, so the gap between reads won’t be a worry. Be brave, Braid of Tongues was captivating and well worth the read. I’m sure that I won’t be the only one to shamelessly overlook that Ariane is a married woman / mother and appreciate the great steamy suspenseful story that this is.

What I loved:

  • Sean’s caring nature
  • Ariane’s friendly nature, openness and vulnerability
  • Luka’s gentleness, strong character and determination
  • The way he enabled her to see herself as he saw her
  • How he orchestrated their time together
  • That age played little part, the experience and talent outweighed the years

What I wondered about:

  • No protection?
  • Sean had no idea anything was amiss?
  • Luka’s untold story

What I struggled with:

  • The potential pain and the thought of losing everything

Lily’s Rating: 5 forbidden Stars

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