Indulge by E.B. Walters

August 21, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★½

Indulge by E.B. Walterstwo-half-stars
Indulge Series: Infinitus Billionaire #2
Also in this series: Impulse
Published by Firetrail Publishing on August 4, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Pages: 304
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The sexy, emotional conclusion to the Bestseller Impulse: Infinitus Billionaire... His world is filled with decadent pleasure and luxury. And Lex Fitzgerald wants to give it all to Jillian Finnegan, the stuntwoman he meant to use to close a business deal, until their intense sexual chemistry translated into delicious, naughty, and mind-numbing passion. Now he wants her permanently in his bed as his wife. But Jillian has become America’s little princess, the darling of the media, and the poster girl for extreme sports. Everyone wants a piece of her when all she wants is Lex—heart, mind, and body. What she doesn’t know is that her fame has caught the attention of a very sick and dark person from Lex’s past and now she is the latest piece in a twisted game of revenge. As their passion burns hotter, so does the hatred of an enemy who will not stop until Jillian is out of Lex’s life. Will her eccentric family and his loyal friends carry them past the danger? Or will help come from her forgotten past? In the midst of danger, Jillian and Lex will discover the secret to secure their future, something powerful and unstoppable, something they’ve overlooked, their love.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Indulge, more like hair pulling and teeth gnashing…

This story really, really peeved me. The author should have made Lex and Jillian’s story one book instead of two. So much unrealistic, unresolved and unbearable stuff was introduced that in between the eye rolling I was fuming. These two characters who’d known each other for weeks are getting married and are in love…I call bullcrap. Lust maybe, but definitely not love. They manipulate each other, keep secrets and go behind each other’s back constantly.

All of the royalty and mafia popping out of Jillian’s closet was over the top and the Finnegan family, especially her father just seemed silly. Lex’s billionaire buddies are so unreal. It was like the author asked a bunch of romance readers to pick their favourite characteristics for a billionaire. A bunch of tall muscly guys with either tats and jeans, suits and glasses, sailor shirts (sorry, all I think of when I read that is Popeye) and board shorts. I might be interested in reading their stories if some of the corny gets toned down.

The biggest cause of my hair pulling, teeth gnashing, frustration and anger was over Lex being so in love with Jillian but thought it was ok to kiss his ex on the lips, meet the ex the night before his marriage and then keep it a secret from Jillian. Of course, photos hit the media because the skuz bucket falls for the old drink spilled on him, have to take it off trap. AND IT WAS NEVER EXPLAINED!! For someone so strong and determined, who wasn’t going to put up with Lex cheating, Jillian certainly got over it quickly. It must have been his magic “wand” that made her forget.

Unfortunately, this story grated on my nerves, gave me eye strain from eye rolling and the uncontrollable need to say “bloody hell”, over and over and over again.

Rating:  2.5 Stars.

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