Torched: Afterburn by Shay Mara

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Torched: Afterburn by Shay Marafive-stars
Torched: Afterburn by Shay Mara
Published by Self-published on June 22, 2015
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 261

Ah, "happily ever after"... The chapter in a story where everything is wrapped up in a pretty little package.

Unfortunately, life doesn't always work that way. Sometimes, what seems like the end is only a beginning.

Torch and I had overcome a mountain of obstacles by clinging to our love for each other, and somehow we'd made it down the aisle in one piece. But real tests of perseverance often don't come until the dust settles, when it's time to ditch the glow and get back to everyday minutiae. And when every day is spent living in the shadows of the Iron Serpents MC, things are bound to get dicey in no time.

Outlaws don't believe in fairy tales, only themselves; the lucky ones also have each other. By taking Torch's promises of honesty at face value and marrying into the club, I'd been given the gift of unbreakable bonds. But promises are easier said than kept, especially when up against an onslaught of relentless storms.

This isn't just a continuing story about love. It's a tale of loyalty, strength, sacrifice, and struggle. In other words, it's about family.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.



By SpiceDo you want the perfect prescription for a book hangover? Let me share, it’s a Shay Mara book. Her book Torched, the first book in the Iron Serpents Motorcycle Club series was my first 5 star read this year and I can shamelessly say I loved it so much I pimped that puppy out everywhere. There I was, in the midst of a massive book hangover, saw SM’s post on FB that Torched: Afterburn was live and 1-Clicked just as fast as I could pull it up on Amazon. That was after doing cartwheels in my head and screaming at my husband “It’s here! It’s here!” Then I proceeded to read until 3AM. I was a little worried with this being a continuation of Liv and Torch’s story (I tend to not enjoy second books about the same couple) but I can assure you that I loved this one.

There’s no big time lapse, the story picks up the day after the last book ended with the biker wedding to end all biker weddings. Just like in real life, this is no fairytale. This series revolves around a strong man, an arguably stronger woman, and an MC so you expect there to be some growing pains, especially as the club deals with an Old Lady with the skill level and know-how of Liv. As she, Torch and the club figure out, with lots and lots of mis-steps, what exactly her place is going to be and what role she will be allowed to fulfill, the outside world decides to once again get all up in their space. On top of that, one of their own is fighting a battle that no amount of firepower can contain and all the MC family can do is try to be there for them or as much as he will allow them to be.

Torch and Liv are just as strong and stubborn as they were in book 1, maybe even more so, since they have more to lose. The chemistry between them is just as combustible, the fights just as heated (along with all the makeup sex), and the feelings equally as strong. Where book 1 was about finding each other, then finding their way back, this book was how they learned to be together, having missed out on that opportunity before. It’s hard enough for newly weds to figure everything out, let alone when you are dealing with the outside issues that were dumped on Liv and Torch’s door. Reading it was tough at times and Torch had some true dumbass moments but I completely understood why he did the things he did. Yes, there were a couple times I was hoping Liv would just knock him upside the head, but then I wanted her to hug him afterwards to make it all better. I loved how Liv never lost her voice in this book and stayed true to her character from book one and never became the type of Old Lady who just stood by her man by quietly staying in the background.

This book is at times gritty and violent (triggers: View Spoiler »). People from both Torch and Livia’s past come back to haunt them and lots of blood is spilled. Of course, all the Iron Serpents and the other Old Ladies are around, providing lots of comic relief and/or ass-kickings. I love it when a second book lives up to the promise of the first.

Rating: 5 freaking-thrilled-Stars

*Unfortunately, this author has disappeared and these books are no longer available to purchase.

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