Relentless by Skye Jordan

June 22, 2015 Blitz, Book Review 0 ★★★½

Relentless by Skye Jordanthree-half-stars
Relentless by Skye Jordan
Series: Renegades #4
Published by Cygnet Books on June 22, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 247
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Bad boy Troy Jacobs is all about taking risks. As a stunt double for Hollywood’s A-listers, there’s no fall he won’t attempt. With one exception—women. Troy fell hard once, and it nearly broke him. Since then, he’s vowed never to trust like that again and he’s got everything under control. Until the woman who shattered his heart years before shows up on his movie-set.

Country music star Giselle “Ellie” Diamond learned long ago that sometimes love isn’t enough. When love got in the way of her goals, she made the tough choice to let go of happily ever after and chased the glitz and glamour of the stage. It may not be all she expected, but now it’s all she has. And with a worldwide tour on the line, Ellie needs one last gig to rocket her toward stardom: a high-profile role in a blockbuster film.

Passion sparks, and old feelings return. But while Troy and Ellie grow closer their problems from the past simmer in the background. And this time around, there’s more tearing them apart than just one star-studded career.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SparklesI loved the book The Risk by Skye Jordan, and we all loved the cover so when given a chance to spotlight the next in the series I jumped on it.  Second Chance Romance isn’t a favorite genre of mine, but I love Ms. Jordan’s work so I dug right in.  Although not my cup of tea, I liked the book and it was HOT!!! and highly recommend it to anyone who loves second chance romances.

I always say I don’t like eggs, but I have realized recently that there are several levels to this dislike, for example, I love omelets, soufflés and tortillas. I can work around scrambled eggs and I even like Zabaglione which is actually raw eggs, and of course I don’t even think about them in cakes, pie crust, pancakes and the like (it doesn’t even really count as eggs there), what I can’t do is stand them where you can see the white and the yellow clearly delineated… yes, after writing this paragraph I do see I sound insane, but well… I never pretended to be anything other than weird 🙂

So, why on earth I started about my bizarre relationship with eggs, you wonder? Because second chance romances are not my favorite type. Upon further reflection, I understood that there are nuances to this dislike too.

A secret baby plot: I L-O-V-E… but then it is kind of a second chance romance because if they hadn’t been together, there would be a baby, secret or otherwise.

Chance-meet or one-night-stand: I enjoy when there’s a hookup, for whatever reason they don’t see each other for some time and then get together. Again it is some type of second chance plot.

Teenage couple: you know, when they were together in high school but had to break up for whatever reason, then they meet again later. Now, this is more of a scrambled eggs situation… I can work with them, sometimes I love them, and sometimes I don’t.

Now what I really don’t love is the plot where they have a real relationship, they’re no longer in their teens, they’re together for years but it doesn’t work out but they try again later. For some reason in this instance I’m like, people, it didn’t work out the first time. Move on.

 I apologize for this super ranty introduction, I just wanted you all to understand my head space while reading Relentless. Being a second chance romance of the boiled-egg variety, I really struggled to get into the story.

Troy and Giselle were together as a couple for 5 years and knew each other for a few more before that. She is a (now) moderately famous singer and we learn that they broke up when they separated so she could further her career.

So, point one against Ellie, she chose fame over the guy who had loved her, protected her and supported her unconditionally. Of course, Troy was kind of an ass at the time feeling pushed out and neglected but still. She was the one who left even though he didn’t chase her.

I won’t lie, it took me a really long time to get into this story, not for the writing, as I really enjoy Ms. Jordan’s style, but for the story line itself.

Both characters were a bit self-centered and self-absorbed, not realizing the other one was hurting too. There was quite a bit of guilt and undeserving feelings going back and forth and that also got on my nerves.

 I can absolutely tell you that this book was hot. Their chemistry together is crazy, and when they are together as a couple they are really sweet. And what pulled out this book for me, were the last chapters and the epilogue. We finally see them grow up, do a little introspection and really try to be there for the other.

 All in all, I liked the book. It’s not my favorite Renegade in the series, but I love Skye Jordan’s writing and this is more of my issues and likes more than issues with the book itself, I’m positive that if you like second chance romances this will be a marvelous read!

Sparkles’ rating: 3.5 stars

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