Fallen by Callie Hart

June 13, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Fallen by Callie Hartfive-stars
Fallen by Callie Hart
Series: Blood & Roses #4
Published by Self-published on July 8, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Pages: 165
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For over two years, Sloane Romera has pinned everything on finding Alexis. Life was going to get better. Easier. Happier. The nightmare of having a missing sister was supposed to end, and everything was supposed to go back to normal.

However, now that she’s found her sister, Sloane is discovering that life has a way of ridiculing what we expect of it.

Nothing is easier.

And ‘normal’ is falling for a man who might never be able to feel the same way.



A lengthy history of breaking things with his fists has given Zeth Mayfair a fairly good idea of how to get his own way. But when his goal, the one, single woman on the face of the planet that he’s truly ever wanted, can only be obtained by fixing things instead of destroying them, how can he adjust a lifetime of violence in order to make her his once and for all? And how can he make sure that she is safe?

The first part is going to take time. But the second part…

The second part is easy.

He must kill Charlie Holsan.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyEach book gets better and better!

Everything is on the line this time. I took it that Zeth and Sloane were living life in the danger zone before, but Fallen takes danger to a whole new level altogether! Facing danger head on appears the only way to survive this mess that Zeth finds himself in. And when he finds himself in danger, he knows that that reach can easily go beyond him, reaching anyone connected to him, no matter how significant the connection. At the moment, he’s learned to expect the unexpected, yet it still catches him off guard. Fortunately, not enough to throw him.

I scowl at him, trying to communicate my severe annoyance at him barging in here and scaring the living shit out of me, and he has the audacity to wink in return. Wink!

What I enjoyed in this book was the opportunity for the characters to open up more than they have previously. It’s never felt overcrowded. Sloane and Zeth are the focus of the series with their thoughts being equally shared through alternating POV chapters. Without detracting from our H and h, the secondary characters have played a bigger role this time adding depth and keeping the suspense alive.

Divine intervention is the only way I can see a positive outcome in all of this.

Somehow, Sloane hopes that life will settle down some. Zeth has a plan in place but between families, neither Sloane nor Zeth seem to be able to avoid the madness that surrounds them. Then there’s his Uncle Charlie, a creep and constant pain in his side and someone that Zeth realises can’t be ignored nor underestimated.

I’m really enjoying Pippa and Lacey as good solid support for Sloane and Zeth to an extent. Only wish that the information being kept from Zeth would be shared with him. I have a feeling that not doing so will be a regrettable error of judgment that will rest on at least two people’s shoulders!

Keen to hear more from Rebel and of course the rest of Sloane’s family. Left with a mild cliffhanger and the hunger for the rest of the Blood & Roses Series.

Rating: 5 Stars


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