Burn by Callie Hart

June 10, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Burn by Callie Hartfive-stars
Burn by Callie Hart
Series: Blood & Roses #3
Published by Self-published on May 23, 2014
Pages: 123
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I’m not safe.

I haven’t been safe for a while now.

I ran to Zeth for protection, but Zeth is in danger himself. With Julio on one side, and the leader of the Widow Makers MC on the other, the smartest thing to do would be to run. I’ve been running long enough, though.
This is the closest I’ve come to finding my sister in two years.
I can’t back down now.


My right hand man’s being tortured in the basement.

The guy who tried to buy Sloane’s virginity is burning rubber in our direction.
My psychotic boss is on a mission to find me, and the girl I’m supposed to be keeping safe has landed herself right in the middle of all of this.
Just another breezy weekend in the Californian desert.

What could possibly go wrong in the next 48 hours?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By LilyWow, this has been the most intense book of the series so far!

All of a sudden, not only has the playing field changed but there is the addition of two other factions of the underworld joining in the dangerous mission Zeth has embarked on. The bonus in having the additional characters is the impromptu situations Sloane and Zeth are placed in. Apart from the mission at hand, it becomes almost an inside game between Sloane and Zeth, maintaining their poker face while constantly pushing each other’s boundaries.

Sloane is introduced to some of the seedier associates of Zeth’s and she has to think quickly on her feet to not be caught out as Lexi’s sister. To be caught out will more than likely spell the end to any hope of finding Lexi and a gruesome end to them all. Not outwardly fazed, Sloane and Zeth continue to pursue each and every option they see to make sure all their hard work is not in vain.

Pippa: “Yeah, yeah. I know why you can’t sleep, woman. And you know I don’t approve”

The Widow Makers added an MC dimension to the plot that built on the suspense already in place. Rebel is not what I expected and I think his addition to the secondary characters will make for some entertaining reading down the track. Pippa, Sloane’s friend, offers her guarded support, knowing full well she will probably ignore her plea to stay away from Zeth.

“How? How can you be so good and so dangerous at the same time, Zeth? You’re a contradiction”

Sloane and Zeth find themselves playing nice in suburbia, dropping in for a cup of tea with the parents proved a cringe worthy interlude, turning the tables and provided a rare twist of scene for Zeth. The banter has always been great but the meeting the parents drew out some witty lines and shock worthy moments for Sloane (as if she hadn’t had a few already).

I was able to purchase books 3 & 4 (Burn and Fallen) as a bundle on Smashwords.

Rating: 5 Instense Stars

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