Retribution by Katie Reus

May 14, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Retribution by Katie Reusfour-stars
Retribution by Katie Reus
Series: Retribution #1
Published by KR Press on May 12, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 350
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She sees brief glimpses of the future…

Nika and Alena Brennan will do anything to kill a vicious Russian crime boss and they’re using his only son to get to him. Yet when the time comes to execute their plan, psychic Nika hesitates due to an unexpected entanglement with sexy security expert Declan Gallagher. When her sister is kidnapped and all their carefully laid plans go awry, Nika must depend on Declan and her mortal enemy’s son to get her sister back.

He invades her dreams and teases her with sensual pleasures…

As a dream walker, Declan is capable of seeing anyone’s innermost thoughts as they sleep. With Nika, however, he finds himself playing a deadly, seductive game. He knows she’s not who she says she is and he’s determined to find out the real reason she’s in Miami before she gets herself or someone else killed.

Time is running out…

Nika’s window of opportunity is closing to save her sister and find a way to protect their secrets without landing them both in jail. With innocent lives at stake, Nika must decide if the retribution she’s waited a lifetime for is worth losing the man who has won her heart.

Length: Novel (81,000 words)
Author note: This is a stand-alone novel.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

By SpiceRetribution is a paranormal suspense that has organized crime involving gun running and slavery, spies, and a couple of psychics with different gifts as main characters. You would think that seems like it would be a bit much but actually worked really well.

Nika and Alena Brennon want Yasha Makarov dead.  Hell bent on revenge and with very good reason, they come up with a plan to get to Makarov through his son, Andre.  Problem is, Andre is actually a nice guy and his head of security has Nika tied up in knots.

There were definitely some strong paranormal elements to this book between Nika’s visions and the fact that ghosts seem to stalk her.  The first time a ghost showed up, I wrote “Creepy…I didn’t sign up for creepy!”  Thank goodness it backed away from the creepiness after that.  I had a hard time understanding Declan’s gift of Dream Walking. I understood the concept of how his ability could help, but all I saw in practice were some sexy dream times with Nika but nothing that helped with the case at hand.  Nika’s abilities were more straightforward and made more sense to me.

Nika was the perfect combination of vulnerable and tough.  I loved how you could tell how conflicted she was over Alena’s plans.  The need to support her sister weighed against the wrongness she felt about the whole thing no matter how righteous the cause was.  Add in her off the charts attraction to Declan and she was between a rock and a hard spot.

Declan definitely had some alpha tendencies but I liked how he gave Nika space.  Torn between his duty to his job and his need to protect Nika from herself, he walked a tightrope as well as could be expected.  I also loved the heat between Declan and Nika.  The dream scenes and the real ones were sexy but there could have been more of them.

I do wish we had been given more than just a glimpse into Nika and Alena’s upbringing.  This would have given the reader more of an understanding of what drove them to continue on this path of retribution.  I also would have liked to know why their Uncle left vengeance up to the two girls when he was more than capable of handling it on his own.  A little back story would have cleared this up easily instead of leaving me wondering what the deal was.

Alena and Andre were intriguing side characters.  Alena being such a beautiful girl who loved her sister so much but this is marred by her heart which is hell-bent on vengeance.  You just knew the cost to her would be high and she would wonder if it was worth it in the end.  Andre seemed a little lost to me.  Saddled with a monster of a father but he tries to be the best he can be. He definitely caught my interest.

A path I wish had been explored more was Declan’s brothers.  I can envision a series based on brother’s with strong but different psychic powers and what they do with them.  I know this book is listed as a stand alone, but I’m really hoping to see some of these characters in future books.  I’m just not sure which ones I want to see more – Andre and Alena or Riley, Declan’s brother.  Oh hell, I’m a greedy dirty girl.  I want it all.

Rating: 4 Careful What You Wish For Stars

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