Taking The Heat by Scott Hildreth

April 8, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Taking The Heat by Scott Hildrethfour-stars
Taking The Heat by Scott Hildreth
Series: Selected Sinners MC #2
Also in this series: Making The Cut, Ex-Con
Published by Eralde Publishing on March 23, 2015
Genres: Biker / MC
Pages: 324
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Stand-Alone, HEA, No cheating. Selected Sinners MC Romance Book II.

After serving half a dozen tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as a US Marine, Cambio Todelli - known as Toad to his MC brothers - is left with a penchant for violence and no emotional attachment between his heart and his groin.

As the Sergeant at Arms for the Selected Sinners, Toad has one assignment and he takes it very seriously. Keeping his Brothers safe from harm at any cost.

Although he believes he ultimately stands for what is moral and justified, he admits sometimes the lines simply become blurred. In short, Toad is a walking contradiction. The descendant of a long line of prideful Italian American US Marines, he is now living a far cry from his upbringing in the Catholic church.

Sydney Shephard is an orphan, and has recently lost her only sibling, an older brother, to a lifelong prison sentence. After losing her job, she is now homeless, penniless, and without any form of family or friend.

As easy as it may be to do so, she refuses to lose her spirit, her spunk, or her sense of humor.

After having been in multiple abusive relationships in her past, Sydney has vowed to either live a life of solitude, or find a man who will treat her as an equal.

When a bank robbery goes awry, leaving Toad on one side of the bank, and Sydney on the other, Toad must make a decision and make it quick.

And when Toad decides to do something, heaven help anyone who tries to stop him.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI read the first in the Selected Sinners and liked it so I immediately one clicked Taking the Heat. I liked the first book, and this one, in some ways, was even better. It’s funny and heart-breaking plus it’s so full of sayings and pearls of wisdom that I think SD was channeling his inner Yoda when he wrote it (minus the backward speak of course, although for geeks like me fun that would’ve been). The main reason I really like this book – I loved the thought of two broken people “unbreaking” each other.

Taking the Heat brings my two favorite kinds of alpha hero together by giving me Toad, a biker who suffers from PTSD after serving umpteen deployments overseas, oh and he’s a hot Italian guy who loves his Mama. Heck yes! He’s the Sergeant of Arms for the Selected Sinners and takes his job of keeping the club members safe seriously. He struggles with his war demons but he is determined to win that battle.

Impossible for me to totally understand, my PTSD caused me to lack compassion in some areas, and be far more understanding and sympathetic in others. I realized I couldn’t save the world, nor did I wish to. For some reason I had attached myself to certain people and their needs, feeling tremendous guilt if I didn’t step forth and extend my hand to pull them from whatever it was they were drowning in. Sydney, for some reason, was one of those people.

Sydney Shephard finds herself alone after her only relative, her brother, finds himself locked up with a life sentence. She’s also homeless and penniless. I really liked Sydney once I got over my initial reaction to the way they met (no way it would ever happen like that in the real world). She had everything go wrong that could go wrong but kept her chin up, didn’t panic, and was funny through the whole thing. Some of the stuff that came out of her mouth cracked me up.

“You know, I’ve always said people who run are running from something. What are you running from?”

“Cellulite, high gas prices, the cops, outlaw bikers and…” I looked down at the ground and paused. “And the reality that after each day passes I don’t get a chance to redo it, live it over, or make any changes,” I said as I looked up.

Another aspect of this book that I loved was the sex scenes didn’t take themselves too seriously. I’m all for an intense smexy scene, but there’s nothing wrong with a little laughter in the bedroom too (as long as it’s not insulting anyone’s equipment- that would be bad and probably a deal breaker).

“Your…cock’s…huge,” I said between choppy breaths. “It feels like…I’m being fist-fucked by a midget,” I groaned.

Taking the heat also had rich side characters like the other brothers in the Selected Sinners that I hope to see more of in the future. My only issue was I could see where some could think it got too philosophical at times. The cover of this book was better than the last. Maybe for the next one, I’ll get a super sexy bike – there will be a next one, right? While I wait, I think I’ll check out SH’s fighter series.

Spice’s Rating: 4 Laughter In The Bedroom Is The Best Medicine Stars



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