Blind Seduction by T Hammond

February 17, 2015 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Blind Seduction by T Hammondfive-stars
Blind Seduction Series: Team Red #1
Published by Self-published on April 8th 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 280
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Can a blind woman who shares a very special bond with her dog, gain her independence and choose between the love of TWO sailors? In Blind Seduction an accident leaves Teresa March scarred and completely blind. Encouraged by the warm support of her friends, Teresa sets about adapting to life in the dark, reclaiming her independence. Best friends make the toughest adversaries. Sebastian Declan and David Preston retire after twenty years of service to their country. Teresa's scars discourage neither man in their newest mission: winning her heart. Bastian's battle is uphill, overcoming Teresa's negative teenage impression. David is a virtual stranger who fell in love with Teresa through Bas' pictures and childhood stories. These sexy sailors will stop at nothing, including deploying military tactics, to secure Teresa for themselves.Smart, opinionated, and handsome commonly describe German Shepherds. Teresa's service dog, Red, is all this, and then some. Red and Teresa are surprised to discover they share a bond which allows Red to speak into Teresa's mind. Red's adept tracking skills, and ability to deduce information, open new opportunities for the pair. More importantly, his quirky humor brightens Teresa's dark world.Welcome to Team Red! You will laugh out loud (the author apologizes in advance for the strange looks you will get when you start to giggle uncontrollably), in this Humorous, Spicy, Paranormal Romance.

WARNING: This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains swearing, which is unfortunate, as the dog repeats everything. When you have two hot, single-minded, sailors pursuing the same woman, graphic language and sexual situations are inevitable. BONUS- Blind Seduction now includes a Bonus -- the Shades of Pink Anthology 2013 entry, In Love with Teresa March. Learn what David and Bas were thinking before certain events unfolded in Blind Seduction-- from their Point-of-views.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.


By SparklesI found this book incredibly refreshing. I have no problem with the usual formula, but once in a while, an unusual idea (well done, of course) is very appreciated.

Teresa and Red have a hilarious relationship. Red who’s probably the best character in the book, is a very witty and snarky dog, but still, the author makes it believable as to that being an actual dog’s thoughts… (though I did expect for him to suddenly shout “Squirrel!”)

Now, I’ve made my opinion about love triangles very explicit, but in this case, I found myself wishing for one xD.

Teresa’s best friend and childhood companion has a pig of an older brother who’s in the military, Bas. While Teresa grew up to hate him, we later find out that he had been pretty much in love with her for years. For the last three years, he’s shared his sister’s correspondence (and photos) with his friend and colleague David. So of course, David also is pretty much in love with Teresa. When they retire from the corps they both decide to go after her.

I wished so hard for this story to turn into a committed MFM ménage, but, alas! No such luck. So the story basically goes on with Teresa and Red learning to use their special gift. And David and Bas one upping each other to win over Teresa’s heart.

It’s well written, has excellent dialogue and it’s fairly fast paced. When everything is mostly settled though, it becomes a bit stationary… like the book is still going on while the plotline has already finished. But I took that as a very extended epilogue, so it actually didn’t bother me that much.

As this was free on Amazon at the time I read it, I consider Blind Seduction a true gem. It was a laughing out loud kind of read and it just put a smile on my face. The sexy bits were seriously hot, and the secondary characters were great. All in all, to me, a highly recommended read.

I’m seeing there are a couple more books to the series and I’m very eager to see how everything turns out because I read “betrayal” in one of the blurbs, so I’m thinking the other H is going to get his chance…though that’ll be a bummer as I really liked the one she chose.

Maybe it’s not too late to write to Ms. Hammond and ask her to change the story to a ménage one?

Rating: 5 Stars

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