Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley

January 4, 2015 An EDGy Buddy Read and Review, Book Review 0 ★★★½

Wild and Free by Kristen Ashleythree-half-stars
Wild and Free by Kristen Ashley
Series: The Three #3
Also in this series: Until The Sun Falls From the Sky, With Everything I Am
Published by Self-published on December 29, 2014
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 615
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Abel Jin and Delilah Johnson have lived their lives with a hole in their soul, yearning for something they don’t understand.

Until one night Delilah is in mortal danger and a man who’s otherworldly strong and supernaturally fast saves her. Delilah is then cast into a world where fiction comes to life in the form of Abel, her destined mate, a vampire/werewolf hybrid who claims her at first breath as his.

But Abel knows the danger isn’t done. He’s dreamed for centuries that his mate will perish and he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

For Delilah, she’s not only coping with fantasy come to life, but a mingling of very different families. Not to mention, she has on her hands a man who doesn’t understand his true nature and has lived his long life thinking he’s a monster.

Abel and Delilah together fills the hole that has been clawing at them for decades. But finally finding each other, it also tips their destinies as the last of The Three. They must unite with the other destined lovers, who with Abel and Delilah, are fated to save the world.

Or die trying.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

Because of the strong and differing opinions on this book I’m going to change up the format. To say emotions were high would be an understatement so instead of giving you all our reviews in their entireties, I’m going to do one big ol’ group review.

It has been 2 long years since the last book in The Three Series was written so we were super excited. Understand, even a less than perfect KA book is a damn good book but the past few KA releases have been a slight disappointment to some of our EDG’s, Most of us were cautiously optimistic after reading the teaser chapters way back in October.  When release day hit, at first all of us were pleasantly pleased.  We saw glimmers of what most of us felt was missing in the latest KA releases.  Engaging MC’s, drool worthy alpha males, a quirky heroine and supporting characters that made us smile.  Then the book started dragging for everyone.  Opinions split at that point and never came back together. Some of the DG’s loved the book. Some hated it. One EDG even gave it 2 stars, but another one gave it 5 stars.

The book started out strong. All of the EDG’s loved the beginning (except for Sparkles, she just wasn’t feeling it. She even put the book down in the middle of a sex scene- I didn’t get that but I laughed when I read her comment). Abel had a true KA hot alpha male vibe to him. I (I’m Spice BTW) commented that he kind of reminded me of Tate or even Ty.

“You’re stayin’ right here where I can keep you safe. And the first thing you’re doin’ is takin’ a goddamned shower so you stop reekin’ like those fuckers who laid their hands on you and tried to take you from me before I even gave you our first kiss.”

See, total alpha. Delilah had a quirky vibe to her that we all loved.

This is freakadelic, Abel, and not in the good way freakadelic can be.”
His head twitched as his brows drew together. “Freakadelic?” he asked.
I nodded once. “And not in a good way.” He shook his head, but his features softened, most specifically his mouth. Oh man. Definitely. Unbelievably. Beautiful. Uh-oh.

We all agreed she had terrible fashion sense. I mean feather earrings and leather chokers – yuck. LE’s comment was “It’s good so far except she talks and dresses like a skank from the eighties”. One thing I loved was in the previous two books, it seemed like Lucien and Callum expected Leah and Sonia to stay in the background. Abel treated Delilah more like a partner.

Several interesting side characters were introduced. Abel’s brothers were kickass, and Delilah’s father’s fellow bikers were hilarious. Delilah’s Dad, Hooker, was a definite favorite. We do need to warn you that although we loved Hooker, KA decided to give him a mullet. Yep, you read that right, a mullet. I was picturing Dog The Bounty Hunter but with dark hair, mainly because KA loves him so (I don’t get that but to each their own). Cinderella pictured Eugene from the Walking Dead. Sparkles didn’t know what a mullet was so she had to Google it. I guess they don’t have those in Argentina. Lucky her.

Anyway, there was lots of action starting out. Really good fight scenes complete with heads rolling. The three couples got together and there was even more action. The EDG’s were in KA heaven. It had all the elements that we adore in a KA book. Then The Three retreated to a luxury compound and the book started dragging. They did have lots and lots of sex and boy was Abel a dirty talker.

“Can you take more?” he growled.  Her pussy convulsed around his dick, but her eyes got huge.
“More?” she asked.
“More,” he confirmed.  Her voice pitched higher.  “Now?”
“Right Now,” he returned.  “You can, we’re gonna see how much you can take when I fuck your mouth.  Then I’m gonna take your cunt again the way I like you, on your hands and knees in front of me.”

That kind of hotness really helps in a book, but you sure can’t save the world by orgasm. I think it would be fun to try, but we’d all end up happy but dead (or vampire food in this case). The Lovely Page said it best:

“As a member of the human race, which is in imminent danger of extinction, it occurs to me that, The Three and Company suck at saving the world thus far.
They have essentially been sitting around various tables, eating food, and fucking for a week. The only plan that has even been discussed was poor Gregor’s shitty celebrity plan. They mega suck at war prep. Their only hope is that Tor, Lahn, Apollo and Frey will show up….and teach these blokes how the bloody hell its done!”.

Even the EDG’s who loved the book admitted it dragged in the middle. There was a major battle that the girl’s weren’t allowed to take part in. Instead of the guy’s POV while the battle was going on, we got to wait in the glorified panic room with the girls drinking tea. It was frustrating as hell.

There were a few things that saved it though. Yuri (Sonia’s adopted brother) met a cute little witch named Aurora. Their entire storyline was interesting, intriguing, funny and hot. Sparkles wanted to know where she could get her own kinky Yuri. I loved this couple so much, I really wish she had made this series four books instead of three and given them their own story.

Unfortunately, The Three didn’t start kicking ass and taking names. They continued eating food, banging their brains out, and discussing strategy. There were good parts but it was slow going for awhile. LE resorted to having conversations with Lahn in her head. My favorite of the ones she shared:

Hello…Dax Lahn? Yeah, ugh, they are having a party right now”

“I told you to not speak of this again”

“Seriously Kah Dax, their women are talking to bunnies and trying to incinerate solo cups”

” Very well, I will make haste to the compound”

” On horseback? Please? Maybe take Zahnin and Bain with you for good measure”

Lahn, Zahnin, Bain, Apollo, Frey and Tor enter compound. Three’s company comes out. Lahn leans to Bain and Zahnin and says “Unman them”.

Frey says “Wait, leave the vampire for me. Always wanted to fry one with my dragons!”

Okay that’s not what I had planned.

A little extreme, yes, but funny as hell. Finally, things picked up or as Sparkles would say, “Shit just got interesting.” To me, the ending was much better than the middle, but not as good as the beginning. The final battle felt very accidental to me and had a Matrix feel to it. A crazy weird Alice in Wonderland Matrix with woodland animals. It also didn’t make a lick of sense to me.

The EDG’s were divided their feelings about this book. Maybe more so than for any other book we have ever read together. Some were completely disappointed with the book. Page felt like it read like Twilight fan fiction. She suspects the Brothers Grimm would be pleased with the story, but she was not. LE gave it the lowest rating but did say she loved the first 25%. Hot Lips loved the characters and the “save the world” premise, but she felt it was too long. Sassy loved it. She did say it was so long, her back felt broken by the end and she “just wanted them to get to it already”. Nevertheless, she thought it was an epic end to an epic tale. It had all the things she adored in a KA classic: action, adventure, alpha heroes and spunky heroines, heaps of sexy bits and some good laughs. For me, the true saviors of this book were Yuri and Aurora.  Without them, I don’t even want to think what my rating would have been.  Sparkles thought it dragged in the middle but finished it with a smile on her face, like all her other KA books.

One thing we all agree on, whether we think the book sucked or not, Kristen Ashley books are always entertaining. When her next book comes out, not all of us will be just as excited but we’ll be reading it as fast as we can.

Rating: 3.5 Agree to Disagree Stars

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