Until the Sun Falls From the Sky by Kristen Ashley

December 30, 2014 Book Review 0 ★★★★

Until the Sun Falls From the Sky by Kristen Ashleyfour-stars
Until The Sun Falls From the Sky by Kristen Ashley
Series: The Three #1
Also in this series: With Everything I Am, Wild and Free
Published by Self-published on February 22, 2012
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 513
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Leah Buchanan’s family has been in service to vampires for five centuries. Even so, Leah wants nothing to do with her family’s legacy. But when she’s summoned to her Selection by the Vampire Dominion, under familial pressure, she has no choice but to go.

Lucien has been living under the strict edicts of the Vampire Dominion for centuries but he’s tired of these ancient laws stripping away everything that is the essence of the vampire.

So he’s taking it back.

And this is because Lucien has been watching and waiting for decades for Leah to become available for a Selection and he will not be limited with what he can do with her. He will have her, all of her.

Therefore, Lucien is going to tame Leah, even if he gets hunted and killed for doing it.

What neither Leah nor Lucien expects is the strong bond that will form between them, connecting them on unprecedented levels for mortals or immortals. And what will grow between them means they will challenge their ways of life and their union will begin The Prophesies which makes them one of three couples who will save humanity… or die in the effort.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By SpiceI love Kristen Ashley and I adore paranormal books but I did not love and adore this one.  I liked it but Until the Sun Falls from the Sky is definitely not going to make my top 10 KA book list.

Kristen Ashley can write an alpha-asshole like no other but I think Lucien was just too much of both.  I usually love her leading men but I spent most of this book actually detesting Lucien.  His entire goal with Leah was to “tame” her,  make her submit to his control, and to instantly give in to his every demand.

“Listen to me now, Leah.  I will break you.  Do you understand me?” he vowed, his voice rumbling against my skin.

He made her give up her entire life, her friends, her job, and even her family.  He sought to control her every move, and even her emotions.  He also never intended on keeping her forever.  He wanted to “tame” her and then release her once he got bored.  It didn’t matter how she would feel once he got rid of her.  To me, he seemed to think of her as less than him. He wanted a doll and a plaything.  

I don’t mind alpha heroes with some asshole tendencies.  I can’t stand self-centered H’s who think they are better than their women.  As the book progressed, I understood his motivations and the reason’s behind his actions, but I still struggled with liking him.  He redeemed himself before the end of the book, but I’m not sure he redeemed himself enough.

I loved Leah.  I liked how she rebelled against taking part in the family business.  I liked her attitude and her refusal to be as everyone thought she should. I did think her refusal to learn about the society she found herself dealing with was a tad stupid.  I’m thinking if I found myself the property of a vampire, I would make every effort to learn about them and the rules so I wouldn’t inadvertently do something that would give them a reason to drain me dry.  Not judging (okay, maybe a little) but just saying.  Leah fought Lucien’s plans for her at every turn, calling him on everything.  This endeared her towards me more than anything else.

Leah saved this book for me.  KA’s world building helped a lot too.  The vampire society and history she came up with amazed and interested me.  I really liked this book and I like the series as a whole, I just didn’t fall head over heels in love with Lucien like I usually do with KA alphas.  Still, as with most of KA’s books, although not my favorite, it’s still a damn good book.

Rating: 4 There is such a thing as being too much of an alphahole Stars


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