Wolfsgate by Cat Porter

December 18, 2014 Book Review 0 ★★★★★

Wolfsgate by Cat Porterfive-stars
Wolfsgate by Cat Porter
Published by Self-published on November 20, 2014
Genres: Historical, Suspense
Pages: 344
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My resurrection, they call it.

They have no bloody idea.

Shipwrecked and lost, left for dead,
Abandoned by my own family.
Drugged and addicted.

My wife saved me, brought me home.
I didn’t even know I had a wife—can I trust her?
I know I want her.
We are two of a kind—the manipulated, the tossed off, the rejected.

Bitter disappointments, painful secrets, age-old jealousies are my new shipwreck,
and my wife my new opium.

Is satisfaction to be found in revenge or revenge in satisfaction?
One thing I do know, without each other we’re both doomed.


A sensual 18th century tale of deception and revenge, and the healing of two souls hungering for love and absolution.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

By Sparkles

This book took me completely by surprise. And I loved it.

…(Give me a second while I finish fangirling)

Ok, Wolfsgate was not what I expected. I had finished reading Lock & Key, Ms. Porter’s previous work and after reading the blurb, I was ready for a gritty, twisted, historical version of an MC romance.
How wrong I was! And how wonderful what I found instead.
…(Sorry, apparently I’m still fangirling)

So, what to say without spoiling anything for those who haven’t read this yet?
Basically, we have one of the most resilient and good-hearted heroines I’ve read in a long time. Justine overcomes years of mistreatment and cruelty, and incredibly she never loses hope and finds the strength to keep fighting for what is right.
Brandon has survived a shipwreck only to be forced into a drug addiction. Back to a life that doesn’t feel like his own, a world that has changed in every way he knew before, he’ll have to struggle to regain his health and conquer the demons that now hunt him. Filled with secrets and deception, Brandon doesn’t know who to trust.

What a ride this story was. Although there’s no action as there was in the author’s previous book, the plot has twists enough to make up for it. The sex scenes are seriously hot, and you can’t help but connect with the characters. Maybe Ms. Porter’s writing style just works for me, but this is one of my favorite books of the year. It made me laugh, it made me mad, it made my heart hurt for them. I felt absolutely everything these two poor souls went through.

As in her other work, I found the characters seemed to reflect real people, with real people’s responses and actions. That is to say, not everything is lovey-dovey and on the straight and narrow. It still had me shaking my head at them and Justine had me seriously considering throwing something at her a couple of times.

Ms. Porter, I LOVE your work, so, please keep writing! And as proved by Wolfsgate, write any freaking genre you want, you will totally rock it and I will be eagerly waiting for it.

I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes to read.

Rating: 5 Fangirling Stars

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