A Reason to Kill by C.P. Smith

November 21, 2014 Book Review 0 ★★★½

A Reason to Kill by C.P. Smiththree-half-stars
A Reason To Kill Series: Reason #2
Also in this series: A Reason to Breath, A Reason To Live
Published by Self-published on November 21, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Pages: 285
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WARNING: Author believes in soul mates and insta-love, proceed with caution if you're not a romantic at heart.

You've met Jack from "A Reason To Breathe" now meet his cousin and lumberjack Max, Max Hunter or as Mia likes to call him Thor, God of Thunder

You know what they say about lust at first sight.....It's a seven deadly sin but when you sin . . . you sin hard.

Max Hunter has a problem, well, two, actually. One he fished out of the river and the other...A killer.

Mia Roberts has a problem that stands six foot five and swings an axe like a God. On assignment to study the grizzlies of the Alaskan frontier, she stumbles across a body and then stumbles into the arms of a lumberjack she can't resist.

Throw in Max's mother, a handful of crazy friends and family and you have a recipe for adventure.

Rated B for Bossy, F for funny, T for Thor, God of Thunder, R for language, explicit sexual content and EDIBLE UNDIES. For mature audiences only. 18 and above.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.

I’ve been a fan of C.P Smith since A Reason to Breathe was released earlier in the year. It was a fun debut that showed promise and her follow up novel Restoring Hope (stand-alone) didn’t disappoint either. So I was more than a little pumped to have the chance to read and review A Reason to Kill, her latest release! Although A Reason to Kill is the second book in the Reason series it works just fine as a stand-alone. Events from book one are referred to but only in the broadest sense. If you haven’t read A Reason to Breathe though, it’s definitely worth checking out, I really enjoyed it! First a warning: This book is silly and fun. Readers that don’t enjoy cozy mystery/romances threaded with humor may not fully be able to appreciate this one! You absolutely cannot take this book too seriously!

If he was honest, he had a desire for more than just one-night stands here and there. Desires, dreams, whatever the fuck you wanted to call them, but he had them for the right woman to share his life. Unfortunately, he’d yet to meet a woman who stirred his blood enough to care- until today. Fucking hell.

So here’s the set up: Mia travels to Alaska to participate in a bear study with a group of other scientists. Immediately, she meets Max, a native to Alaska, a lumberjack who happens to be the largest employer in the area, and sexy as hell alpha. An instant attraction develops. Couple that with a bit of danger, more than a dash of sexy banter, and a serial killer…and you have A Reason to Kill!

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since you fell off the fuckin’ plane,” he bit out as he leaned in, pressing my back to the mirror.

“You hated me when I got off the plane.”

“Yeah, and I still do.”

“What? Then why are –“

“I hate the way my gut tightens when I’m around you. I hate the way I get pissed when another man looks at you. I hate when you wear ridiculous T-shirts that I want to rip from your body, and I sure as hell hate the way your ass looks with a bear’s face coverin’ it. However, what I hate most of all are your lips. The way you bite your bottom one when you’re thinkin’, or the way they’ll eventually look wrapped around my cock.”

“I’m not good with men,” blurted out.

“I’m getting that babe, but what you gotta understand is that it turns me on, not off.”

“You’re turned on?” I asked breathlessly.

“Yeah, and the fact you don’t get that is another thing to hate.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

“You gonna let me kiss you now?”

“I think I’d kind of hate you if you didn’t.”

I really enjoyed several things about A Reason to Kill. Max was a great hero and was very easy to like! Some of his lines were a bit cheesy but still, I swooned. Max’s mom, Maxine, is a total hoot and brought a lot to the story with her zaniness. The story introduces some characters that I hope to see again, namely Shane!

A few things about the book didn’t work as well for me. I don’t have anything against bears, but I’m not sure I loved the backdrop of the story as it was written. It was a bit boring at times. Also, while a quirky female lead is one of my favorites to read, Mia seemed a tad overdone to me. I get that she was a scientist and a bit of a nerd, but all her clumsiness and her bear attire seemed too much. Some parts of the story seemed like they tried a bit too hard. Overall, I did enjoy A Reason to Kill, I thought it was a fun, enjoyable read, but I didn’t love it. A solid 3.5+ RATING!

I recommend A Reason to Kill for readers that enjoy contemporary romances with a dose of silly, characters that are a bit over the top and zany, and anyone who enjoyed the author’s first book, A Reason to Breathe. C.P Smith remains a fun author to read and a must buy for me. Excited to see what she releases next!

Reviewed by Miss V

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